Is America Trying To Morally Corrupt, Pervert, And Convert, African Nations By Way Of Economic Threats And Bribes?

TTPAS does not agree with all the views of these channels but we do agree with their position in relation to rejecting the mass indoctrination and spreading of the destructive, corrupting, LGBTQ agenda.

According to Joshua Maponga, the Biden administration comes to Africa and offers Ghana, and Tanzania, economic assistance to embrace the LGBTQ agenda. And 60 million dollars to Zambia to embrace the LGBTQ lifestyles and agenda while other countries like China and Russia offer economic assistance, military training, and mutual cooperation and partnership.

America on the other hand according to Joshua Maponga demands acceptance of the perverse corrupting, destructive, LGBTQ lifestyles and agenda in exchange for economic assistance. I’m sure I touched on this in an article I wrote recently.

America is pushing the destructive, corrupting, immoral, LGBTQ agenda under the fake guise of human rights advancement. But corrupting, destructive, sexual behavior, is not a human right. It’s corrupting, destructive, and detrimental to the existence of human life and is, therefore, a human wrong, and should never be argued in favor of or supported.

It’s a threat to the existence of human life in that it virtually ensures the death of the human race because men and men and women and women can’t procreate.

That is further compounded by the fact that it produces deadly incurable diseases and has been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people worldwide.

And the most profound destructive aspect of the lifestyle is that it will result in the physical and spiritual deaths of billions people in God’s coming wrath upon the world in the coming ‘Great and terrible day of the lord” and when it’s judged and there is no coming back from that form of death because it’s permanent. Romans 1:32, Revelation 21:7-8.

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African Nations And Nations Around The World If America Is Pushing Sexual Perversions As A Requirement For Economic Assistance Completely Reject It!!!

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