European Digital Currency… The Coming ‘Mark Of The Beast’ In Its Infancy?

Is this the goal of the European Union to have one form of digital currency all to be controlled from one central location with every other nation signing on to it?

It certainly appears that way, and if this is the case this would certainly support the Bibles position that the German led European Union will make all nations bow to them. The Bible says they will have powerful control and influence over practically every nation on earth. But how can they wield such power, control, and influence?

We certainly know that one aspect will be through military intimidation and control but the Bible also says they will require that everyone take a mark on their right hand or forehead to buy and sell anything as a way of complete control. And that probably will be in the form of a chip being implanted in the right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell goods.

But for that to happen they must be in control of all the currency. And certainly creating a digital currency that they control from one centralized location would be the ideal way to do that. This idea smells and reeks of the mark of the beast only in its beginning stages.

And I’m convinced it is. Do away with all paper currency and create a digital currency that the European Union controls would be the perfect way to eventually fully implement the mark of the beast. I would urge all nations to completely reject the idea pushed by the European Union for a digital currency that all countries can use from one centralized location that they control!

This appears to be an example of Bible prophecy rapidly unfolding. And If this is the case there’s only one way for this to go, one thing for it to morph into, and that is into one simple easy form of transaction in the form of a chip implanted into the right hand or forehead controlled from one centralized location. It may seem at the outset like a simple solution to all financial problems but it is going to eventually result in the physical and spiritual deaths of billions. I actually wrote an article years ago addressing this issue. You can read it below.

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