All the world leaders in this video claim to be focused on securing and protecting democracy but at the same time are clearly working to implement a digital system that will require every man woman and child to take a mark on and or in their hand or their forehead to buy and sell and if they don’t they won’t be able to buy and sell. But yet they claim this form of dictatorship is in reality a form of democracy?


They also claim to be united in fighting against authoritarianism but the system they’re working to implement is the purest example of authoritarianism. They also foolishly claim to be champions of free speech but at the same time promise to work to clamp down on any speech ‘they’ define as ‘hate speech’.


The elitist who control most of the world’s wealth and who have oppressed the poor for centuries now claim to be champions for the poor? Hahahahahahaha. And you can rest assured that conforming to all aspects of the evil system will be a part of the deal and failure to do so will determine if you have the freedom to buy and sell. It’s so ridiculous and laughable. Pride and perversion are blinding, terrible, corrupting, dangerous, and destructive. And I would advise all nations who go along with it reluctantly, to separate themselves from it before it’s too late.


They are in many respects allowing themselves to be influenced by fools in the form of rich elitists and former President Barrack Obama. Who I believe is a nut case, to be frank. Because he’s fully submitted to Satan and is actually being instructed by Satan and therefore has the mind of Satan and Satan is insane.  And who I’m convinced thinks he’s the antichrist. Or at the very least thinks he’s laying the groundwork for his arrival. But you’d never know it because these kinds of individuals, as the Bible says, come as wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Obama is creating chaos by promoting abominable rebellion against God worldwide and in so doing provoking God to plague nations because of the abominable sin. Virtually identical to the way Satan operates. Not to mention the fact he encouraged the black community to drink deadly lead-tainted water by falsely claiming it was safe when he knew it was very dangerous. So he obviously doesn’t care about the black community at all.


It’s almost as if he was trying to get the black community to drink the water so many could be harmed by the contamination. I’m convinced he’s totally focused on doing his pure evil, insane father’s bidding. Which, to be clear, is the complete destruction of the human race both physically and spiritually. And Obama’s evil actions are certainly reflective and supportive of that. He then exploits the chaos by offering to implement a dictatorial digital system that will resolve it all. He’s in essence a destroyer masquerading as a savior. Much like the false, deceptive, misleading role Satan plays. 


But in reality, the evil system will eventually lead to the worst death and suffering this world has ever seen because of their refusal to acknowledge the sovereignty of almighty God and to do as he commands in relation to the ‘Abominable Sins’. And in reality, the suffering won’t stop regardless of what system they implement until the ‘Abominable Sins’ stop. He probably also thinks it’s going to culminate in a never-ending world rule under one man, but boy is he going to be in for a rude awakening. Revelation 13:16-17

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