Radical Insane Liberal Policies Designed To Usher In And Implement Socialism And Or Fascism? Radical Democrats/Liberals Working To Implement Socialism And Or Liberal Fascism By Way Of A Fake Man Made Climate Change Agenda.

HAHAHAHA.Laura with the man-made climate change impending doom music requirements. To go along with the ridiculous, fake, man-made climate change, impending doom rhetoric.

That segment unfortunately and other segments in a previous complete video posted of all the topics covered on the program, some of which this article touches on, were unfortunately removed by youtube. In an obvious effort to silence dissenting voices and views.

Youtube has actually been removing conservative content at an alarming rate. Radical democrat/liberals are up to it again though. Promoting the fake man-made climate change agenda as a way to secure total power and control over the citizens.

Make no mistake about it this fake man-made climate change agenda is constructed to advance a socialist and or liberal fascist agenda. Something I have been writing about for years.

As God was revealing the information to me. And actually, before anyone else was thinking or speaking about it. Take time to listen to the findings of unbiased, independent, climate scientists. Who aren’t being compensated millions and billions of dollars to promote a fake man-made climate change theory.

There you will find honest, unbiased, forthright studies, which suggest the fake man-made climate change theory is just that. Fake. The increase in destructive weather events is coming from the hand of an angry God. Because of the many abominable sins of the nation. For more information follow the links below.

I also found the reporting about Pete Buttigieg and his hypocritical self-righteous stance….basically portraying himself as a moral authority, and condemning certain individuals, while living an openly perverse lifestyle.

Which is strongly condemned by the word of God, interesting. Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-32. And his self-righteous hypocrisy, ridiculous, disturbing and nauseating. The Bible speaks about the fate of those with his brand of self-righteous hypocrisy Job:27:8, Matthew 24:51.

He speaks about love and compassion and helping others, but at the same time promotes and practices a lifestyle in homosexuality that has killed tens of millions of people worldwide. And according to scripture is going to result in the physical and spiritual deaths of hundreds of millions…Romans1:18-32…Romans 1:32. 

He also speaks about the black agenda and working to advance black causes. But you can rest assured if ever elected, the homosexual agenda, which includes legalizing pedophilia, will take precedence over black issues.  And if they propose to advance black causes as it relates to loans and business startups, etc, there will be a homosexual element, in some capacity, attached to it all.

Some form of partnership with or support for the homosexual community will be required. And it will probably be done covertly in a way that those who participate aren’t aware of because of the confusing legal jargon that comes along with certain agreements and contracts.

And most of the authority will probably be given to those homosexuals or pro-homosexual organizations. And more importantly, advancing the perverse agenda will result in the decimation of this nation and the black race and human race as a whole by the hand of an angry God..Zephaniah 3:6-8.

Like most politicians, and he’s no exception, they will lie like rugs and support any destructive lie or agenda to get elected. And make promises they can’t keep. Mayor Pete Buttigieg gets major funding from special interest groups. And will also be beholden to those special interest groups.

And like the Bible says and prophesies, the prosperity of these sexually perverse fools will destroy them. In that the black community and other communities, practice, support and promote, the destructive, corrupting sexual behavior, of these sexually perverse fools, in hopes of advancing economically. This kind of prosperity according to scripture will ultimately destroy them physically and spiritually. Proverbs 1:32.

Pete Buttigieg is obviously doing Satan’s work. And Satan always comes as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You can’t engage in any form of biblically condemned behavior and deceptively claim to serve God. You must serve God in the way he commands you to serve him.

Supporting Pete Buttigieg or any other homosexual politician and working to put them in the office of the president is the equivalent of signing your own death certificate as a people and as a nation. Because of the direction, he will lead the nation, and what that will provoke God to do.

Like I’ve said repeatedly any hypocrite who is living in open, abominable defiance of God and his word, who practices, promotes and supports, behavior the Bible strongly condemns, but yet uses scripture to argue their point is normally, in most cases, twisting scripture and taking it out of context in an effort to advance an evil, diabolical agenda.

And is certainly not the person to ever listen to in regards to moral and or biblical matters. Democrat/liberal candidates’ intentions are to secure power and further radical liberal policies which will usher in a form of socialism and or liberal fascism. And an even more radical homosexual agenda. 

An agenda that obviously seeks to legalize pedophilia. Only fools would allow themselves to be led by fools who live in open defiance and rebellion of God and his word. Matthew 15:14. And who don’t consider the latter end of their actions. Deuteronomy 32:29.. Actions which God has emphasized throughout scripture, repeatedly, lead to physical, spiritual, and national destruction.

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