The New Woke Movement = Comatose/ Sound Asleep.

By Donald Bohanon posted August 31, 2021.

TTPAS has no affiliation or association with WSHH they are just the source of this terrible advice.

In the video above the young lady tries to rationalize disloyal behavior in the form of cheating by suggesting that it’s okay because the person who cheated really doesn’t belong to the person they cheated on. This is this new generation’s way to justify being disloyal and promiscuous in relationships.

But the truth of the matter is this new generation is simply a selfish generation that glorifies, promotes, and justifies selfishness. Many in this new generation are only focused on pleasing themselves regardless of how that affects the other person in the relationship. They refuse to accept responsibility for bad behavior but instead try to justify it as a form of freedom to do whatever pleases them.

And they call that behavior freedom. But the Bible outlines and is further supported by social and behavioral studies and the many instances of people being treated for and struggling with sexual addictions, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, etc. This behavior, in reality, as the Bible outlines, is very enslaving and shackling. Not to mention the many destructive diseases that come with sexual promiscuity.

There is no freedom when given the ability to do whatever you choose, whenever you choose, with whomever you choose. Many studies have shown continued participation in this kind of self-destructive behavior produces a situation where the participant loses all self-control and is eventually enslaved by the very behavior they call freeing and liberating.

At which point they eventually need to seek professional help to overcome the alcohol, sex, or drug addiction, etc. God in his infinite wisdom saw ahead of time that this behavior would prove problematic and destructive for the individuals who engaged in it so he gave us instructions and rules to follow to ensure we didn’t fall victim to the enslaving clutches of these types of  sinful behaviors.

That’s why God in his word the Bible tells us the truth expressed in his word regarding these matters when followed will set you free from their enslaving clutches. Following the rules set by God that define proper moral behavior is what frees us from the enslaving shackles of sinful immoral behavior. Because we’re living in a way that won’t expose us to its shackling effects and or consequences.

The new message of liberation through sexual freedom is in reality a carefully constructed ploy by Satan to ensure many people are eventually shackled and enslaved, by engaging in sinful sexual behavior under the false cloak of liberating behavior.  

This new generation frowns on marriage because it requires sacrificing your desires for the needs of your spouse, commitment to your spouse, consideration for the feelings of your spouse, respect for your spouse, etc.

All of which are counterproductive and contrary to the woke doctrine of self first and doing what pleases you regardless of how destructive it is and how it negatively impacts, destroys, and undermines, the lives of those they claim to love, and the societies they live in.

The young lady in the video above suggests that, in so many words, if you even cheat in marriage its not cheating because the person who cheated doesn’t belong to you. But that’s easier said than done when the person actually becomes deeply emotionally involved in the relationship. In cases like that disloyal behavior can be very dangerous and can even prove deadly. And that’s not how God views it. In the eyes of God marriage means that the person you marry in essence becomes your property. But not to abuse or harm but to love in an unselfish manner.

Which means putting the needs of your spouse above yours. In other words, the husband must put the needs of his wife above his and the wife must put the needs of her husband above hers. While following the instructions for marriage and moral behavior outlined in the Bible. This is how true love and loyalty blossom and is cultivated in the marriage. And when this same model is applied in societies it has the same love and trust building and cultivating effect.

Being disloyal in relationships and marriages only builds distrust, anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, etc, all of which are the antithesis of love and undermine and destroy love, trust, and loyalty, etc. And the abandonment of these things is the origin of resentment, disloyalty, anger, bitterness, mistrust, and hatred. Which in turn produce, sorrow, sadness, suffering, and even death.

The new Satan-inspired woke doctrine of liberation through sexual freedom, in reality, is the quickest way to get enslaved by one of the most addicting behaviors known to man which is sexual promiscuity.

And this form of addiction is very difficult to overcome. It also gives birth to other forms of self-destructive behavior all of which are offensive to God and will be judged harshly and can lead to spiritual destruction as well. 

Satan is promoting the liberation through sexual freedom lie in the end time because he knows it’s one of the most effective and enslaving methods available to ensure many are destroyed both physically and spiritually.

If you don’t want to follow a set of rules that apply to relationships then just don’t get involved in a relationship or a marriage. And if you are in a relationship or marriage respect your mate and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Playing with people’s emotions can have deadly consequences.