The Big Come Up?: The Secret World And Hustle Of IG Models? (WARNING! DISTURBING LANGUAGE)


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This is something I have been aware of for some time now but not many others have. And although I.G. models can serve as eye candy for many I’m not sure if I.G. would serve as the ideal venue for searching for a serious or committed relationship or a wife. This is not to say that all I.G. models engage in the practice of selling their bodies to get ahead in life. 


I’m sure there are many women on I.G. who have legitimate jobs , careers, businesses, etc. Not all are exhibitionists or for sale. But I would reiterate I still don’t think I.G. is the place to look for a quality woman with self respect and morals as the Bible defines it. Neither am I condemning those who do engage in these practices, that is between them and God. I also know there can be serious underlying issues and circumstances that can motivate and feed into this kind of behavior.


Desperation if you are not grounded and governed by faith and a set of godly principles can make many people both men and women do things they wouldn’t normally do. It’s a cold cruel world out there and unfortunately its only going to get colder and crueler. And many, unfortunately, will eventually be forced to do things they never thought they would do as a result of desperation and necessity. But supporting and promoting an atmosphere and individuals who demand that type of compliance with that kind of pay to play mentality certainly doesn’t help either.


 And I’m sure the rationale with many I.G. models is why not have sex for hundreds of thousands of dollars once or twice with one or two individuals as opposed to having sex with multiple tricks for 50–100 dollars a pop. That kind of  reasoning would make sense and be appealing to many women in similar situations.


And I’m sure many of those I.G. models have been faced with circumstances that created desperation and a sense of urgency. I’m not condoning the behavior I’m just not here to judge it because of the reasons outlined above. We are just providing this video as way to shed some light on the subject.     

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