The Beginnings Of A Satanic Deception?

By Donald Bohanon Published 6/27/23

Marco Rubio says in the video above that the men who claim these UFO’s exist really have no reason to lie, but they really do. When you understand that many in government are comprised of individuals who are hell-bent on relegating the existence of God to the trash bin of history. Through extreme deception and lies as a way to remove any perceived opposition to them advancing even more diabolical agendas by destroying the perception that God exists through lies and false narratives.

And the way to counter the notion of prophecy being fulfilled in terms of everything that’s prophesied to happen with the Great Tribulation and Great and terrible day of the lord. As it relates to the cataclysmic events that will be associated with them. Not to mention the two witnesses who are prophesied to come on the scene after the arrival of the end time Elijah who will display awesome power from God who they will probably certainly also try to claim are aliens. One way to counter the notion that the destruction is coming from God is to suggest that it’s because of alien attacks. What you must understand is that these individuals many who worship and are controlled by Satan will stop at nothing to continue to deceive and lead astray.

I sense the homosexual community have their hands all in this also. And many unfortunately happen to hold high government positions. They are essentially trying to get ahead of the curve by aggressively pushing the lie, the false narrative, that aliens exist as a way to counter the notion that these destructive events are coming from the hand of God.

They want you to think God would never harm the homosexual community because he loves and is supportive of everything they do. So there is no way the destruction could be coming upon them as a group from the hand of God. But nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, God despises their behavior and lifestyle Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-32. And also because they know if people rightfully believe they are coming from God they will be more inclined to repent of the abominations repeatedly outlined on this site. But if they can convince the masses that it’s coming from aliens they are more likely to continue in perverse behavior of all forms without concern.

It would also be to the benefit of sexually perverse individuals who oppose God on every level to adopt and promote this mindset if they plan on galvanizing their forces to fight against Christ when he returns by convincing the masses ahead of time that an alien attack is imminent.

You unfortunately have ungodly men and women in positions of power throughout the U.S. government who would be more than willing to promote the notion that aliens exist if it would safeguard their ungodly behavior and lifestyles. The Bible says many in government are servants of Satan and their actions certainly in many cases justify that. Not all, but many.

Honestly, politicians and government officials particularly in this administration are prodigious deceivers and liars. And have proven time and time again over and over that they will lie liberally and without hesitation to advance evil diabolical agendas. So the promotion of a false theory of alien existence wouldn’t be out of character or surprising. God says cataclysmic events are soon to affect every inhabitant on earth if they don’t repent of their abominable sins.

And I’m convinced they are just trying to get ahead of that by promoting the lie that aliens exist so when these things happen they can attribute these things to alien attacks as opposed to God’s wrath because of their ungodly sexually perverse behavior and the like, and how they want to ensure that isn’t disrupted.

Much like they have done with the fake man-made climate change agenda. Whether people choose to believe it or not they didn’t start promoting the fake man-made climate change agenda until after I started emphasizing that these destructive events, you see now, were to come from the hand of God.

You can expect them to continue to promote this false narrative of the existence of aliens without offering any proof. And it’s sure to ramp up over time as a way to counter the prophetic truths contained in God’s word. And if they do offer anything that appears to be proof use extreme scrutiny when evaluating it.

Because with all intents and purposes, it’s probably a lie only being used to counter God’s word. Rest assured these events that are about to impact the human race because of their abominable sins that you should know about by now, are coming from God’s hand, not from the hands of non-existent aliens or the result of man-made climate change.

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