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Is America Turning Into A Communist Nation?


The Candace Owens Show is not the only platform that has been speaking out against the promotion and legalization of homosexuality/ pedophilia, the promotion of the toxic masculinity theory, the movement to subjugate and control American citizens, etc.  TTPAS has been warning and speaking out against the perverse agenda of the radical liberal left for decades. Just to be clear. But is anyone really listening?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Skepticism Over UFO’s.


Famed scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson offers his take on why he disagrees that recent UFO sightings are real. I don’t agree with everything Neil DeGrasse Tyson teaches or has taught but I think his explanation as to why just jumping on the UFO bandwagon without deeper scientific investigation is foolish, is key and wise.


His statement earlier in the video that ” we are all humans” who are very limited in our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, I believe is profound and is a reality I believe humanity must realize in order for it to truly progress in a way that’s going to be beneficial spiritually, morally,  physically, and mentally.


In other words, we are just humans with profound, physical, intellectual, and spiritual limitations who haven’t begun to scratch the surface of the vast wellspring of knowledge both physical and spiritual.


He goes on to explain why he feels that way, outlining how science has made similar foolish assumptions and assertions in the past but only to be proven wrong repeatedly.


I have always said scientists, and human beings in general, because of their very limited intellectual capacity, have been wrong more often than not in their scientific assumptions and assertions.


I feel strongly that UFOs don’t exist because of what’s taught in God’s word. I have always believed that many examples of UFOs are forms of Satanic deception. I elaborate more thoroughly in the article below.


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UFO Sightings–Setting The Stage For A Great Satanic Deception.

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Are There Other Planets In Earths Galaxy That Are Capable Of Sustaining Life?


Nasa is now reporting through the mainstream media that they have discovered a planet that resembles earth, they also claim that this planet may be able to sustain life but how much credibility does this statement carry? And is it possible that this new finding could have been motivated by the fact that I emphasized in my article “UFO Sightings: The Coming Great Satanic Deception” that there are no other life forms in the vast universe because the dead universe does not have the necessary elements to sustain life and only planet earth is capable of sustaining life?


I strongly believe so because it appears as of late anything I say primarily after I make special mention of  some controversial present day issue or topic the biased media will do a story normally based on hocus pocus science in an effort it appears to discredit God’s word, it appears to happen all the time and if you pay attention and are honest with yourselves I’m sure you will see it also. But are there other planets in the vast universe that are capable of sustaining life?


I seriously doubt it and challenge all scientists and astronomers who make those statements to prove it, but I can promise you they wont be able to, and if they claim they’re able to prove it they are simply lying, and it has more to do with perverse ungodly men and women in positions of power in several aspects of life and in several professions and industries working to discredit the word of God and further their own perverse anti God agenda by intentionally misinforming the public through hocus pocus science , and also to insure that there studies continue to be funded to fatten their pockets in a useless, relentless search for life and life forms that simply don’t exist in a dead universe, life that doesn’t exist in an environment that is not conducive to supporting life, the universe is a dead universe full of dead planets that are incapable of sustaining life and that includes Kepler r-186f.



By Donald Bohanon



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UFO Sightings–Setting The Stage For A Great Satanic Deception.




There has been an increased focus on UFOs and UFO sightings as of late. The movie industry is now exploiting the UFO craze with the release of movies like Alien Abduction and others. As well as many other movies prior to those releases.


But why so much focus on UFOs and alien life forms? Why all the hysteria about beings from other planets especially in these end times? There have also been sightings and strange objects around the world, in different countries, but what are we to make of it all? 


Do aliens and beings from other planets really exist, or are these just figments of the imagination and or hallucinations?


Honestly, I don’t believe that all the sightings are real. But I do believe there have been several sightings that were actually real sightings and I don’t think those who witnessed those sightings were hallucinating or imagining things.


But I don’t believe what they saw was actually aliens from other planets. I believe the visions and sightings that many of these people witnessed were real, but not life forms from other planets.


I believe those things they witnessed inhabit the earth we humans live on. But we can’t see them because they are invisible spirit beings called fallen angels, or demons. But these demons are able to make themselves visible to the human eye in different forms and shapeshift.


Let me first make one point clear– and that is, there are no alien life forms living on other planets, somewhere in the vast universe, possibly millions of light-years away.


Because the Universe does not contain the necessary levels of life-sustaining elements to sustain major life forms and those elements are air, food, and water.


Without these basic necessities of life, nothing can survive. The purpose of air, water, and food, are to sustain life. Without these critical life-sustaining sources no life form can survive and planet earth presently is the only living planet that has all those necessary elements to sustain life.


All other planets in the vast, endless Universe, are dead. Something else also worth mentioning is the fact that astronomers have been searching the galaxy for decades in an effort to find other more intelligent life forms. But have always come up empty-handed.


Because there is simply nothing out there. One other very important point that’s worth noting is the Bible says man is God’s most intelligent and prized creation on a physical level.


Angels, on the other hand, are spirit beings who are much more powerful and intelligent than men. But God has created nothing else on a physical level that exceeds man in intelligence, knowledge, and ability.


All other physical life forms can’t compare to man in intelligence, knowledge, and ability. And every one of those physical life forms, including man, need food, water, and air to live. Without them, it would be impossible to do so. 


The Universe presently is a dead Universe and is not capable of sustaining life. Although that is about to change in the very near future, it has not yet.


What many people fail to understand– scientists, world leaders, and everyday citizens alike, is they are quickly becoming the victims of a thoroughly orchestrated deception by Satan and his demons.


Everything from ghosts, to UFOs, to people communicating with dead relatives, etc, are forms of demonic deception.


The increase in UFO sightings are examples of fallen angels/demons engaging in deceptive tactics to lead mankind even further astray into confusion, darkness, and ultimately destruction.


And also to possibly deceive man to fight against Christ at his return. Just another example of how they are manipulating man to ensure his destruction on a physical and spiritual level.


When Christ returns the Bible says he will be opposed by a massive army numbering 200 million men. These armies will have probably been thoroughly deceived at that point into believing that Christ is an alien force coming to destroy man and conquer the earth.


That thinking will be partially true–But Christ is not coming to destroy man as a whole but to save him from his own evil devices and self-destructive ways.


At the outset, it may appear like Christ is coming to destroy the earth and man because the Bible does say these armies will be totally decimated, obliterated, and annihilated.


But only as payback because of the death and destruction these armies will have caused. And because some of them will have been instrumental in shedding the precious blood of God’s servants.


So these armies will be annihilated. And the wicked and ungodly will be destroyed as well in the resurrection to judgment.


But it will all be uphill from that point forward. Because Christ will establish his government here on earth. A government that will last for all eternity and produce lasting peace, joy, and happiness, and the abundant physical and spiritual blessings man has long sought after. But has been absolutely incapable of attaining because of his pride, arrogance, selfishness, greed and lusts, and his unwillingness to submit to God’s authority.


We will have then finally come to the beginning. But as for now what you see with the increase in UFO sightings is a well-orchestrated satanic deception that is sure to grow worse and become more pervasive throughout the world as we approach the return of the Messiah –Jesus Christ. To establish his government here on earth forever. Amen.


By Donald Bohanon



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