Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Skepticism Over UFO’s.


Famed scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson offers his take on why he disagrees that recent UFO sightings are real. I don’t agree with everything Neil DeGrasse Tyson teaches or has taught but I think his explanation as to why just jumping on the UFO bandwagon without deeper scientific investigation is foolish, is key and wise.


His statement earlier in the video that ” we are all humans” who are very limited in our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, I believe is profound and is a reality I believe humanity must realize in order for it to truly progress in a way that’s going to be beneficial spiritually, morally,  physically, and mentally.


In other words, we are just humans with profound, physical, intellectual, and spiritual limitations who haven’t begun to scratch the surface of the vast wellspring of knowledge both physical and spiritual.


He goes on to explain why he feels that way, outlining how science has made similar foolish assumptions and assertions in the past but only to be proven wrong repeatedly.


I have always said scientists, and human beings in general, because of their very limited intellectual capacity, have been wrong more often than not in their scientific assumptions and assertions.


I feel strongly that UFOs don’t exist because of what’s taught in God’s word. I have always believed that many examples of UFOs are forms of Satanic deception. I elaborate more thoroughly in the article below.


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