Modern Dating Issues.

Is it just me or does this guy look a little overly anxious and exuberant in the eyes about this interview with Sadia? Almost looks like he’s biting his lip a little too. Lol. But a good interview with some interesting answers.

Let me also say I’m not sure viewing porn is a gateway to serial killer behavior, that’s a bit of a stretch. However I do believe it can affect each person differently based on long-term exposure. And I do agree it may work to desensitize individuals and create a more cold and disinvested approach to intimacy and emotional connection.

I also want to touch on the fact that I recently wrote an article about a porn star and offered a solution to her problem because she was obviously distraught because of how she had been rejected by her family because of her profession.

I just want to make it clear that wasn’t meant to suggest that I am an avid watcher of porn or a fan of the young lady, but only meant to offer a solution to a problem the young lady was experiencing.

Once again, individuals with nefarious intentions will be quick to jump on that to make it appear like I was a fan of the young lady or something when I was only trying to offer some help after viewing her video on Daily Mail where she was basically in tears about her situation. I don’t encourage anyone to view porn because it certainly can become an addiction resulting in more problems.