And I Shall Give Their Habitations/Houses/Communities/Cities To The Worst Of The Heathen Ezekiel 7:24:  BRUTAL…Citizen After Citizen Blasts Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson To His Face Over Migrant Policies.

Ezekiel 7:24 Is an end time prophecy for the U.S… God says in the last days because of the abominable sins of America he would give their habitations/houses/communities/cities to the worst of the heathen. This appears to be an example of that prophecy being fulfilled. With the massive influx of illegal immigrants playing a pivotal role in that prophecy. Whether people choose to believe it or not America is being cursed by God because of their abominable sins. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Reject the abominable sins and make a few other critical changes and your misfortunes will change for the better.

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