Absolutely Right.

Based on what I have been seeing I personally think Nikki Haley will be a puppet in a sort of liberal conservative administration. The more I hear her speak the more she is sounding like a liberal conservative which in my opinion is the same as a moderate democrat.

But based on how extreme the democrat party is right now that can actually mean a moderately progressive democrat. Ron Desantis is right, what conservative would want to give the government that much control over American citizens unless she is just another candidate masquerading as a conservative until she secures power and then she will show her true colors?

And working to create a digital currency in the form of a chip that can be implanted into the right hand or forehead is something that is biblically prophesied to eventually happen if Gods word is not heeded that will have profound and devastating consequences for all nations who sign on to it.

She said in a recent interview that she is focused on additions to the conservative party. But additions of who and what? Because you can actually add the wrong elements to the conservative party to the point that it no longer even resembles the conservative party.

If you are focused on allowing anyone in, even those with extreme radical views and agendas, that can change the conservative party into whoever or whatever the dominant voices or forces are in the conservative party. Nikki Haley is looking increasingly more like a liberal conservative/ moderately progressive democrat, masquerading as a conservative, and that wont bode well at all for the nation.

Politicians sellout for the money all the time and based on how she went from drowning in debt (as some reliable sources are saying) to being very wealthy in a relatively short period of time I think its safe to say she has sold out for the money and is not the person to lead the nation in such dangerous and critical times.

Based on her economic come up out of nowhere it is quite obvious to me she has sold access to the power of the presidency to the highest bidders which happens to be the Koch’s at this point and whatever their agenda is that will be her agenda also. So the question is, who are they really? And what do they champion and support?

Some very reputable people are even claiming the corruption runs so deep that she would make Hillary Clinton seem righteous by comparison. I’m not sure how true that is but I’m convinced Nikki Haley will be a liability to the country as opposed to an asset. I’m convinced she is not the woman for the job at all.