The Mother Needs To Go In Her Daughters Room And See If She Can Find Any Quija Boards, Drugs, Black Candles, Tarot Cards, Pentagrams, Etc: Bodycam Video Of A 12-Year-Old Girl Being Arrested After She Stabbed Her 9-Year-Old Brother To Death.

Sorcery and black magic are real and many young people are secretly engaged in it. And or experimenting with it. Not understanding that when they do they are summoning demonic spirits whose primary goal is to destroy not only the individuals they are summoning the demons against, but to also destroy the person who is doing the summoning. They’re equal opportunity destroyers.

They despise human beings and want to see them all suffer and die in the most painful and horrible ways. They share their master Satan’s disdain for the human race.

The mother needs to thoroughly check her daughter’s and her son’s room to see if she can find any traces of occult material because the reason her daughter lost it and killed her own brother so violently may lie in the fact that she is involved in the practice of occultism in some way. She may have been experimenting with it and that’s all it takes.

The daughter kept saying in the video she doesn’t know what happened and that’s normally a sign that something was controlling her that she didn’t have the power to resist and doesn’t know its origins. I’m not saying its absolutely the case but it is a strong possibility.

Look for Quija Boards, Black Candles, Tarot Cards, Pentagrams, etc. Quija Boards and Pentagrams are especially dangerous because they are like portals that summon demons right into the individual or their homes. If you find anything burn all of it far from your home. Drug use could be an issue also.

And If the demons are still there that won’t be the last of their problems. God despises it for these reasons and promises to cast all those who practice it into the lake of fire when they are judged. Revelation 21:7-8.

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