Nasa is now reporting through the mainstream media that they have discovered a planet that resembles earth, they also claim that this planet may be able to sustain life but how much credibility does this statement carry? And is it possible that this new finding could have been motivated by the fact that I emphasized in my article “UFO Sightings: The Coming Great Satanic Deception” that there are no other life forms in the vast universe because the dead universe does not have the necessary elements to sustain life and only planet earth is capable of sustaining life?


I strongly believe so because it appears as of late anything I say primarily after I make special mention of  some controversial present day issue or topic the biased media will do a story normally based on hocus pocus science in an effort it appears to discredit God’s word, it appears to happen all the time and if you pay attention and are honest with yourselves I’m sure you will see it also. But are there other planets in the vast universe that are capable of sustaining life?


I seriously doubt it and challenge all scientists and astronomers who make those statements to prove it, but I can promise you they wont be able to, and if they claim they’re able to prove it they are simply lying, and it has more to do with perverse ungodly men and women in positions of power in several aspects of life and in several professions and industries working to discredit the word of God and further their own perverse anti God agenda by intentionally misinforming the public through hocus pocus science , and also to insure that there studies continue to be funded to fatten their pockets in a useless, relentless search for life and life forms that simply don’t exist in a dead universe, life that doesn’t exist in an environment that is not conducive to supporting life, the universe is a dead universe full of dead planets that are incapable of sustaining life and that includes Kepler r-186f.



By Donald Bohanon



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