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LOL: When Rabidly Radical Far-Left Insane Mad Men And Mad Women Can Actually Knock Some Sense Into Your Head.

How Extreme Rabidly Radical Insane Far Left Liberals Drove Elon Musk To The Conservative Right.

Justin Trudeau’s Authoritarian Acts Are So Egregious They Have even Caught The Attention Of Elon Musk.

From The Ashes Of A Destroyed Economy Rises A New Authoritarian Canadian Dictator?

The Great Reset And Build Back Better Mass Control Agenda.

Is America Turning Into A Communist Nation?


The Candace Owens Show is not the only platform that has been speaking out against the promotion and legalization of homosexuality/ pedophilia, the promotion of the toxic masculinity theory, the movement to subjugate and control American citizens, etc.  TTPAS has been warning and speaking out against the perverse agenda of the radical liberal left for decades. Just to be clear. But is anyone really listening?

We At TTPAS Have Been Sounding This Alarm For Decades: The Biden Administration Working To Implement A Full Blown Socialist Agenda Under The Guise Of A Phony Globalist Elite Build Back Better Mantra.

Amazon Shutting Down Unionizing Efforts And Engaged In Fascist And Or Dictatorial Behavior All At The Expense Of Its Employees?

The Covert Implementation Of Liberal Fascism And Or Socialism All Part Of The Biden Administrations Agenda?

Information Soon To Be Released Showing Widespread Voter Fraud In This Presidential Election?

Setting The Stage For The Implementation Of The Mark Of The Beast?: The Great Global Reset… Restructuring Capitalism Into Socialism And A Satan Inspired New World Order?




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Power Hungry Global Elite Satan Worshippers And A Coming New World Order?


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