They’re Coming For Your Children: Republican Senator Reads Graphic Passages From Books Including Gender Queer And All Boys Aren’t Blue In Disturbing Hearing On Literature In Schools.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) read graphic and sexually explicit passages from LGBTQ books during a Senate Judiciary Hearing on Tuesday He quoted

I Think It’s Pretty Plain At This Point Barrack Obama Was Probably The First Gay Man To Occupy The Office Of The President And To Create This Atmosphere Of Sexual Immorality That’s Plaguing And Destroying The Nation.

Let me explain why I say this. Because as of late there has been a lot of damning information coming out about

The Complex Web Of Sexual Perversion In The Entertainment Industry?: Yung Miami EXPOSES The LIST Of Celebs Diddy Had Gay Affairs With?

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Ron Desantis Weighs In On On Bud Lights Corporate Woke Agenda.

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The Strategic And Calculated Sexual Indoctrination And Sexual Mutilation Of Children Into Sexual Perversion In Their Adolescent Years.

Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, who is transgender, said that transgender minors may go through ‘the wrong puberty’  The comment

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