By Donald Bohanon ..Published Sunday November 12,2017

The homosexual and lesbian community (by way of Universities and Professors. Many who practice and champion the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle)  are now promoting a ridiculous theory that suggests male masculinity is toxic.

The insane, ill-thought-out theory, suggests that masculinity and men is a dangerous and toxic combination and should be rejected and condemned. The study, in many respects, also suggests that womanhood along with its femininity should be promoted because it’s an incorruptible, good quality, and virtue, that produces no negative consequences or behavior.

When we begin to judge individuals based on their masculinity or femininity as opposed to their actions, behavior, and character, this is very dangerous and is setting a very dangerous precedent. When the standard for evaluating someone is based solely on whether they are masculine (which homosexuals and lesbians are now promoting as evil).

Or feminine,(which homosexuals and lesbians are now promoting as good). Then the promoting and encouraging of feminine behavior in men is the goal and eventually becomes widespread and prevalent. Which is largely what the homosexual agenda is based on, and is what it seeks to accomplish in many respects.

Which is something I have been emphasizing for years. The widespread feminization of men motivated and driven by perverted lust, which is their deranged objective. In actuality the problems men and women face in terms of violence, etc, have nothing to do with their beneficial, God-given, gender identifying traits.

Traits that distinguish men from women, and women from men. One of which is their “masculinity and femininity”. Masculinity is a God-given gender identifying trait which is beneficial in terms of it’s protecting, nurturing, comforting, guiding, authoritative attributes. Which are important components when building a strong marriage, a structured family, and happy well-adjusted children.

A masculine man, or a boy who has been raised by a masculine man, to be humble, strong, kind, caring, honest, understanding, considerate, etc, is a very good thing and is probably one of the strongest foundation builders in terms of solid, structured, compassionate and caring societies.

The very damaging traits that are normally mistaken for masculinity are not masculinity at all, but in reality, masculinity corrupted by pride, envy, anger, greed, lust, and perversion, etc. Pride, envy, anger, lust, perversion, and greed, etc, are very destructive traits that have, in some capacity, led to every war ever fought. Every personal conflict that has ever taken place. Every insult ever hurled. And every punch ever thrown, etc.

I find it very alarming and disturbing that in this age, Satan is promoting the destruction of masculinity in Universities, and other Learning Institutions and formats as a way to further an even more destructive agenda, from a family and societal perspective. Which is the promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism.

It is glaringly obvious that this is what the underlying objective is. Which the promotion of this insane theory seeks to accomplish.”The feminization and demasculinization of men”. Which is more destructive and undermining from a family and societal perspective than even drug epidemics, when you understand the very corrupting, destructive, spiritual element involved.

And how that negatively impacts in a profound way, every other facet of life and society in general. A  perverse agenda which also seeks to eradicate the traditional family, and replace it with homosexual and lesbian perverted and destructive unions substituting for the traditional family.

It actually results in widespread disease epidemics and perverted sexual addiction and their profound destructive effects on society. Which is even more destructive than widespread drug addiction, when you understand it.

In many respects, it can be described as delivering a deadly biological agent, gift wrapped in a nice package. That nice package being the promotion of it as a beneficial and wholesome lifestyle.

Not discounting the even more profound, destructive and corrupting spiritual element involved, with the practicing of the behavior. Romans 1:26-32. That individual eventually begins to display all the destructive and corrupting traits outlined in Romans 1: 26-32. Eventually criminalizing masculine behavior in society and outlawing it in schools and other learning institutions will be the goal and objective. 

The problem isn’t masculinity, because masculinity with wisdom, patience, knowledge, love, etc, is a very good and beneficial trait from a family and societal perspective. When you understand how it’s positive impact on the family structure and how that produces grounded, well adjusted, humble children, who respect authority, and how that, in turn, has a positive impact on society as whole.

You only begin to encounter destructive and damaging problems and issues when masculinity is corrupted by pride, anger, perversion, lust, greed, etc. Pride and an angry uncaring attitude, produced as a result of that same love and discipline being absent in the home.

A prideful angry person whether female and feminine or male and masculine is hard to reason with. Is not normally very flexible in terms of listening to other viewpoints that aren’t motivated by lust, greed, perversion, and other selfish, destructive, traits,  goals, and objectives.

A very prideful and angry person is quick to react without thoroughly evaluating the consequences of his or her actions. A prideful angry person acts and reacts without being properly and thoroughly educated, informed and knowledgeable, about an issue. And the list goes on. That’s why God informs us throughout scripture to work to purge every corrupting aspect of pride and bitterness from our lives.

In fact, they are such powerfully corrupting elements they completely corrupted an Arch Angel in the fallen angel Lucifer. The same thing applies to femininity, it has it’s benefits in terms of the traits it produces in women. When a feminine woman has been raised in a loving home with,guidance,direction and wisdom, free of the ignorance pride can bring, and free of sexual perversion.

Beneficial traits like sensitivity, patience, etc, which have positive impacts on children and how they are raised. But pride, anger, lust, envy, perversion, and greed, are the primary corrupting elements.

All have toxic and undermining effects on masculinity as it relates to men, and femininity, as it relates to women. I find it very ignorant and ill-informed that a Professor of all people could make such an ignorant statement and promote such a dangerous and destructive theory.

But if the Professor is lesbian, homosexual or bisexual, or pro-homosexual that would explain such ridiculous reasoning. When you understand, motivated by perverted lust and the desire to satisfy it, how the perversion completely blinds you and warps and distorts your reasoning.

Because the motivation is lust and the desire is to satisfy that lust no matter how they try to dress it up. Or rationalize the insane theory. The result will always be a twisted, insane, warped, flawed form of reasoning because of the foundation and motivation it sprang from. Which is satisfying the filthy, perverted lust. And the widespread feminization of men, which is the motivation for this ridiculous theory, seeks to do just that.

Feminize men to make them more susceptible to homosexual influence, suggestion, and reasoning. The motivation being to satisfy the lust. Because a masculine man is naturally repulsed by a sexually perverse feminine man, masquerading as a man.

So if you can make all men feminine or at least susceptible and open to the reasoning that femininity even in men is a good thing, while falsely and deceptively demonizing masculinity, you remove many of the barriers to feminizing men and developing in them feminine traits, characteristics and mannerisms. Thereby greatly improving the chances of perverting them sexually, or perverting and converting them to homosexuality.

While at the same time pushing women to the forefront as the strong and domineering gender. Which is the butch lesbians goal. To make the butch lesbian more appealing to feminine women. Which I’m convinced is one of its primary objectives as opposed to helping society. But women ruling over men will prove disastrous because they are ill-equipped to perform the many beneficial functions men were created to do.

And God will curse it because he frowns on the thought of women having rulership over men and it will end disastrously. Because to promote such a ridiculous theory also discounts and covers up the many human flaws and frailties women have as well. I think the theory is also partly motivated by the false promotion of women as perfect, strong, and successful pillars of the community as it relates to child-rearing.

When in actuality studies suggest and statistics show children raised in one-parent homes absent the father, engage in higher rates of crime and are incarcerated at higher rates(not a knock on women just facts supported by the numbers). Higher rates in virtually every other negative dept as well.

One of many studies which suggest higher rates of destructive behavior in virtually every department in one parent homes headed by women.

A woman’s role in the family structure is important, but absent a strong, knowledgeable, wise, masculine, loving male figure in the household, is recipe for disaster. And the many studies which show women attempting to raise children on their own at an abysmal failure rate, in terms of how the children turn out, prove it.

With higher rates of incarceration. Higher rates of drug use. Higher rates of criminal activity. Higher rates of children being born out of wedlock. Even higher rates of suicide. Proves a strong, wise, knowledgeable, loving, masculine man is a critical component to a healthy family structure and well-adjusted children. And strong ordered societies. And a woman is ill-equipped, in most cases, to raise children by herself. 

Strong masculine male figures in the home also serve to teach children respect for authority, discipline, etc..So promoting this false, deceptive, ridiculous theory, also works to undermine society in that regard as well.

This theory appears to be promoting women in many respects as infallible, incorruptible Gods who can do no wrong and who can do everything without the assistance of men. Which is absolutely false and Satanic in nature. The problem isn’t men but the lack of well raised, knowledgeable, wise, moral men, taught humility, values and principles that are beneficial for the family and society as a whole…This is the problem.

The truth of the matter is the promotion of this Satan-inspired ridiculous theory will be very damaging and undermining to society than many of the other problems that now plague us. For the woman in the video above, to in so many words suggest that women are infallible, incorruptible and without fault, all because her femininity dictates it, is mad, insane, rank stupid, and is not supported at all by the many instances of women, corrupted by some of the same factors outlined earlier in this article, while engaging in violent acts that would shock and even make men cringe.

For the sake of truth and dispelling ridiculous theory and falsehood, as opposed to demonizing women, which is certainly not my intention. I have provided several videos below of women engaging in shocking behavior to prove the lack of love, guidance, and proper upbringing, coupled with pride, perversion, envy, lust, greed, and anger are the real contributing factors as it relates to the violent destructive behavior of both men and women.

Proving that women are equally susceptible to the very same negative influences that corrupt men and produce violent behavior. As opposed to masculinity or femininity determining a person’s violent disposition or lack of it. Because they act it out differently in terms of the different ways they engage in violence doesn’t make it any less disturbing or real.

Quite the contrary, the promotion of the insane theory that masculinity is toxic is the real toxic lie, birthed from the homosexual community by way of the mind of Satan. Solely designed to promote the homosexual agenda in an effort to feminize ignorant, weak men. And masculate ignorant weak women.

While promoting and exalting women as the dominant, perfect, infallible, incorruptible gender that does no wrong. Because her femininity alone determines and proves it. Simply more stupid, deceptive, psychotic, demonic, homosexual/liberal thinking and reasoning, manipulation and deception. It’s insane and outrageous and should be thrown in the trash right where it belongs.

Below are some links that prove a lack of proper upbringing, anger, pride, perversion, greed, lust and other negative influences in the world, are the real corrupting elements that cause both men and women to act out violently and irresponsibly. As opposed to a ridiculous, insane, ill-thought-out theory, that suggests male masculinity is the real contributor.

And those Universities that teach those lies and ridiculous theories are really becoming the real toxic environments and need to be reigned in. The videos below are just some examples and are provided not to demonize women because women and men and their identifying, birthed, gender traits, are not the problem. But the many factors that corrupt and influence them are. (Warning! Strong Language, Graphic Scenes And Images In Some Videos)