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U.S. Marks 100th Anniversary Of Tulsa Race Massacre.


Something that could probably be considered the beginning of a powerful black economic engine that could have expanded and had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the black community as a whole was crushed and destroyed in a matter of hours by racist mobs. Survivors of the Tulsa Oklahoma Massacre reflect on the incident and its effects, and  lingering impacts.

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Black Lives Matter And It’s Marxist Agenda.


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My Plea For Nathaniel Woods Was Because I Thought He May Be Innocent.


By Donald Bohanon.


Listen pro-black… I didn’t write a request for a stay of execution because of you. I wrote it because Nathaniel Woods may have been an innocent man. Not to impress you. And I may be wrong, because I don’t know all the particulars surrounding the case, neither do I know what was actually in his heart or what his real intentions were when he invited the officers into the “trap house”.


Was it really a setup or an ambush?  Or was he really innocent? Only God knows and he will judge it at an appointed time. I have also heard a number of cowardly and derogatory statements you have made about me because I don’t appear to be marching to the beat of your drum.


Some of those statements including threats that I’m not at all fazed by. When I was living worldly I didn’t fear men when I was standing all by myself. Especially cowardly men who hide behind numbers and wealth. And who are really found out when those protective barriers are removed. Why should I fear men now when God is standing with me? I know this may be hard for you to digest Mr. pro-black but you’re not my master and ruler God and Christ are.


I’m convinced you have a very bad and toxic case of Napoleon Complex (and are being deceived by allowing the wrong people in your ear) that if not brought under control is going to negatively affect you in ways you can’t see or fathom. Neither do I buy into the notion that all white people are evil and the enemy.


That’s BS. The black man(present-day) in many respects has been his own worst enemy. There is no doubt there have been many contributing factors that have created this environment of self-hate, and violence, economic disparity, etc.  But to suggest all white people are evil as a result of the actions of a few is ridiculous and racist itself.


You really need to get MLF out of your ear quickly because the information he may be feeding you and the way he may be pumping you up may get you destroyed both physically and spiritually. It’s easy to talk about revolution in the comfort and safety of your home being surrounded by luxuries, wealth, and protection.


The one who is always suggesting that violence is the answer is the first one that usually runs when it gets real. And they normally have very little to no skin in the game.


They normally sit on the sidelines screaming revolution in the safety and comfort of their luxury abodes while the mindless sheeple do all the heavy lifting. Talking about “sic em” while perched in front of their big-screen T.V. eating filet mignon, lobster, and caviar, and playing “Call Of Duty” far from the front lines.


He regularly misinterprets the Bible to promote a narrative that’s never going to happen. You yourself also talk about working to advance the black race but you create music that’s undermining the black community? You also support the homosexual agenda through word and probably as a way to ensure your profits from the destructive music you produce are protected and not affected.


You promote an agenda in homosexuality that will be more destructive to the black, white, red, and brown, communities, etc, than anything racist white men have done when you understand it. And that’s saying a lot. But it’s true.  But yet you support this movement and produce destructive music that’s undermining the black community but yet still claim to be pro-black and love the black race? You can’t have it both ways.


I’m Pro-Black, Pro-White, Pro-Latino, Pro-Indian, etc, as God says every man or woman must be who claims to serve him. I don’t hate any race. I love all races of people. Through my journey in life, I have come across some very good and decent Black People, White People, Latinos, Indians, Chinese, etc. And I judge them all based on their character, not their skin color. But at the same time, I understand there are evil people in every race. And I have come across those in many instances. Racism is real and it exists.


I’m not ignorant of that fact. And if Governor Ivey knowingly sentenced an innocent man to death she will answer to God for it. And hiding behind the laws and statutes of men won’t change that. She will answer to God.


If you are so concerned about advancing the black race you can start by looking at the man in the mirror and taking stock of your own actions and what you have done in terms of your profession and how that has itself negatively impacted the black community. You’re willing to address and speak out against anything that doesn’t affect your bottom line and your own pockets.


That’s not an example of a genuine person who is really concerned about advancing his race or the human race. Someone who compromises their race or the human race for material gain is no different than the supposed racist Jew and White man that they rail against. Are you still with me Mr. pro-black?


The wealth that you have amassed from selling out your own race doesn’t impress me. You are no different than the ‘Uncle Toms’ you profess to speak out against in that regard. I tried to help save Nathaniel’s life because I thought he may be innocent. Not because of you. Let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with you personally.


But I do have a problem with the black leader image you have adopted while engaging in many practices that are destroying the race you profess to lead and love. You come across as a fairly intelligent guy and I’m sure you will be able to deduce who I’m talking about based on the acronyms, and content, and such.


And you will probably view this as insulting as opposed to enlightening, constructive criticism, because of your toxic and dangerous Napoleon Complex/Pride. But I hope not for your benefit. 

Another Black Man Who May Be Innocent Of The Alleged Crime Is Scheduled To Be Sentenced To Death.

Image result for nate woods

Image result for nate woods

This is another opportunity for President Donald Trump and others to prove to the black community they are serious about prison reform and changing unfair sentencing practices.


This man is scheduled to be sentenced to death 3/5/2020.  I and many others are calling on Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama to strongly consider granting a reprieve, in this case, to give parties a chance to look closer into the case. And to adjust sentencing guidelines in relation to the severity of the crime.


The deaths of the police officers were terrible and unfortunate but the guilty party has allegedly paid for the crimes. An innocent man shouldn’t be put to death for actions he didn’t commit. 


Additional information about his case is below. The Bible tells us the merciful shall obtain mercy when they’re judged. But it also says he who showed no mercy will be judged without mercy. James 2:13. God will not spare anyone who condemns an innocent man to death. That individual will face the full wrath of God when they’re judged.



Nathaniel “Nate” Woods is set to be executed by Alabama on March 5, 2020.

Nate’s co-defendant Kerry Spencer, the confessed triggerman in the killing of three police officers, was sentenced to life without parole by his jury, but the judge imposed death.[1]  Nate, who was tried 3.5 months later by the same judge and prosecutors, was sentenced to die by a 10-2 jury vote on an unsubstantiated theory of accomplice liability.[2]


There is no evidence that there was any plan or scheme to kill the police officers; they were killed by one man (Spencer) acting alone. Nate has always maintained his innocence, as do ALL all witnesses who were with Nate before and during the shooting. Nate at first refuse to come outside when the officers came to arrest him on a likely invalid warrant. But surviving officer Collins testified that he heard Nate surrender to the police before Spencer began shooting, saying “I give up. I give up” when one officer came at him with Mace. Defiance does not make one complicit in capital murder. 


At least 2 key State’s witnesses were coached, intimidated and baited before their trial testimonies by the assistant DA, a detective and a so-called “memory expert.” The DA hired a “memory expert” to meet with at least one witness a few days before trial; the expert repeatedly asked the witness the same question until the witness changed answers, despite attempts to say they remembered things differently. The witnesses never came forward until Nate’s new post-conviction counsel became involved in Feb. 2020 because they were not aware that such tactics were illegal. Another witness was intimidated by the State into providing untrue testimony after they threatened to take away her child.

Additionally, the first evidence technician on the scene after the shooting engaged in evidence tampering. He returned one officer’s Mace to the holster without telling anyone that it was actually on the floor when he arrived on the scene, and he only corrected his report 6 weeks later when another officer pointed out that his log was inconsistent with the crime scene photos. This demonstrated an effort by the state to hide that the police initiated aggression, and calls into question whether other evidence (like the officer’s gun) was likewise concealed or modified.


One of the most overlooked and critical facts is that the State offered Nate a plea deal of 20- to 25-years after Spencer’s June 2005 conviction but before Nate’s trial began in October 2005. Not 40-60 years, not life with parole, or life without parole but non-capital 20- 25-year sentence. After counsel failed to inform Nate that he could be sentenced to death on a theory of accomplice liability alone, Nate rejected the plea. Nate thus proceeded to trial on the faulty assumption that he would not be convicted let alone executed since there was no evidence of a plan to kill or of Nate being in any way responsible for the shooting. 


Nate has been repeatedly and woefully let down by Court-appointed counsel. Nate’s trial attorneys had never done a capital case. They failed to conduct an adequate investigation, did not question a number of key witnesses, and did absolutely nothing to prepare witnesses for testifying at the sentencing phase. They did not hire a mitigation expert during the sentencing phase, failed to call willing witnesses who could speak to the abuse Nate suffered as a child, and did not conduct a psychological evaluation despite requesting funds for this purpose. At the appellate level, Nate was abandoned at 3 critical junctures—thus time-barring Nate from later petitioning strong and valid claims. 

[1] Spencer’s sentencing in 2005 occurred before Alabama’s repeal of jury override. Alabama became the last state to abolish judge override on April 11, 2017. The law did not apply retroactively.

[2] Alabama is the only state which does not require a unanimous jury decision to impose death.

[3] Collins was quoted in 2014 saying of the officers in the West Precinct (where all of them worked): “Everyone who got in trouble got sent to West unless you just came out of the academy… Nobody else could mess with us.”

Happy Birthday “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The Members Of A Violent Neo Nazi Group Arrested.

Is The Private Prison System Profiting From The Music Industry? (WARNING! STRONG LANGUAGE)


The Truth Plain An Simple has no affiliation with “Digital Soapbox Network” neither are we in agreement with all the information they put out. But we find this topic of discussion very interesting.


Considering it’s something we have been emphasizing for years. That much of the violent music that’s being marketed to the black community and other communities is designed in many respects to brainwash, indoctrinate, corrupt, and destroy.


So, I’m not surprised to hear that the private prison system and the music industry may be in cahoots together. And the prison system may be reaping insane profits from the content the music industry produces because of it’s corrupting and destructive effect.


And how the private prison system, in turn, benefits from that. I also agree with the host that the information (although anger-provoking) shouldn’t necessarily be a call to arms. Because Jesus Christ is set to establish his government shortly. And destroy all evil men and evil governments.


But this is instead a time for each individual to educate themselves about the destructive schemes and practices that beset and threaten us in the human family. Ourselves, our families, and communities. And take stock of their own lives and situations and the content (in the form of music and other forms of media) they listen to, take in, and absorb. And what they support.  And make changes.


If the prison system is actually profiting primarily from the content the music companies are putting out, because of the corrupting, destructive, behavior that in turn produces, ceasing to entertain that kind of destructive media and content would transform black communities and other communities, and probably put private prisons out of business. Or at the very least considerably slow the influx of prisoners.


A weed never dies by cutting it off at its peak or at the base. It can only be destroyed and never grow back by uprooting it. In other words, you must pull up the roots. These violent forms of music are in many respects the root of the problem.


Stop entertaining the music and you will have in essence eliminated much of the problem that’s contributing to the violence. This is something I have been emphasizing for years.


The question is now that you are becoming aware of it, what the heck are you going to do about it?  Talk is cheap. And knowledge not acted on is as useless as if you never received it. No one is asking rappers to stop rapping. Just to exercise enough courage and character to change the content and message. That’s all.

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