African Nations And Nations Around The World If America Is Pushing Sexual Perversions As A Requirement For Economic Assistance Completely Reject It!!!

The United States’ primary goal is to advance a sexual engineering agenda worldwide as opposed to an economic agenda. Advancing an economic

Is The New California Committee For Slavery Reparations A Cover To Enrich The LGBTQ Community Much Like The Money Grabbing, Wealth Distribution Scheme To The LGBTQ Community, Black Lives Matter Farce? And As A Way To Advance The Ridiculous, Money Grabbing, Wealth Distribution Scheme To The Wealthiest, Man Made Climate Change Agenda? While Refusing To Address The Real Underlying Effects Of Slavery On The Black Community?

KIRA DAVIS: The left’s half-a-trillion-dollar slavery reparations fantasy is a woke joke – and an insult to every black American whose ancestors

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