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Did Ukraine Try To Escalate The Russia-Ukraine Conflict And Initiate World War 3?

Stop Trying To Paint A False Picture.

Stop trying to paint a false picture what do you having a baby and not being able to change the past and moving forward have to do with me? That’s not my business. I wish you the best and congratulate you but that’s not my business. You and NC are a cold piece of work. Promoting a false narrative to get a certain female to buy into your lies in hopes that she will lose interest while at the same time undermining my credibility? That’s just evil.

You and I both know that I have never expressed an interest in you aside from complimenting you on a few occasions. And that’s it. And I have done that a few times with different women because I have always been an admirer of beautiful women. But that doesn’t mean I am lusting after them or have slept with them that’s just ridiculous reasoning. I try hard daily to keep God’s commandments and word and have been pretty successful and consistent for several decades.

Anyone who really knows me knows this. You are a very beautiful woman but I’m looking for more than just beauty. So please just stop trying to create a false narrative. I’m totally focused on living a righteous life first and foremost everything else is secondary.

I have been celibate for at least 2-3 decades, by choice, because I am required to do so by God’s word and nothing’s going to change that but a woman who’s committed to the same things I’m committed to.

But I do wish you luck and blessings upon you and your newborn. But don’t lie on me when you do that you put God to an open shame and embarrass me and he doesn’t like it. Trust me. You lie by trying to create a false narrative. Blessings and all the best to you and your lovely daughter though.

Convince Me: You Need More Than That, Much More.

Israel also went into captivity/slavery by the hands of the ancient nation of Assyria. They were later released and scattered. So suggesting that blacks are the true Israelites because they were enslaved is not enough.

What about the other key verses in prophecy like for instance God promising to give Israel, Manasseh and Ephraim, the gate of their enemies? Genesis 22:17. What gate have Africans controlled? It’s a hard prophesy to even understand because you’re stuck with asking the question what does he/God mean by gate?

There can be no other logical answer but the sea gates of their enemies. Which the United States and Great Britain controlled. The Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. But they eventually relinquished control of those gates later which was a sign of their prophesied decline. Now, the NIV version translates that as the cities of their enemies (but I’m not sure that is an accurate translation) which Israel was also given control of because they conquered many of their enemies.

But being given the sea gates of their enemies was certainly a more profound fulfillment of the prophecy and covers the whole gamut which would certainly put to rest any doubt that the prophecy was in relation to Ephraim and Manasseh and which is the way God does things in an undeniable and big way. And if that is not convincing enough what about the part of the prophecy emphasizing that God would make of them one great nation and a great company of nations? Genesis 35:11.

No two nations fulfill that prophesy like the United States and Great Britain. The United States was the single greatest nation on the face of the earth which God promised they would become. And Great Britain was the greatest company of nations. Great Britain was a company/commonwealth of nations because Britain colonized many nations as a result of God’s will.

Many believe they were the greatest empire that ever existed rivaling even the Holy Roman Empire. When God says he’s going to make you great that’s what he means and it really means greater than everyone else who they became. And is once again consistent with the way he operates, doing things in a very big way.

Incidentally, the nation in the middle east that everyone calls Israel is in fact, Judah. It’s comprised of, if I’m not mistaken, just one or two of the ten lost tribes of Israel. The United States and Great Britain and a few other nations make up the vast majority of the ten lost tribes.

If you can justify your reasoning by explaining those two aspects of prophecy alone I will be open to listening even further. But if you can’t explain those two aspects of prophecy you don’t have much to stand on. Like I said, convince me. I’m open to listening. Provide a logical answer that makes sense and is supported by scripture and I will listen.

It doesn’t mean they are a smarter, better, greater, stronger, race because the Bible says they were the least and they were chosen because of God’s promises to Abraham. They became great because of God’s promised blessings not because they were stronger, smarter, better, or greater because they were the least.

If darker-skinned races were the dominant and more populace races in those regions at that time it would stand to reason that a race fewer in number would be more in line with those particular verses and prophecy. Which Israel was. They were fewer in number as the Bible says but grew to be great in number and power because of God’s promised blessings. Deuteronomy 7:6-9.

So, obviously, the darker-skinned races couldn’t be the chosen people because they weren’t the races that were the fewest in number. God said the people that he chose were the least/ fewest in number and power than all of the other nations, which Israel was.

But that’s also consistent with how God operates. Taking nothing and turning it into something great. Like I said convince me. If you can change my mind I’m open to listening. Finding the truth should be your primary motivation as opposed to just being viewed as right in a debate.

If This Is True It’s Obvious The Homosexual/Pedophile Agenda Is Now Pervasive Even In Law Enforcement.

Q&A: Why Aren’t You Speaking On Bigger Platforms And On Camera To Spread The Truth?

Question: Why Aren’t You Speaking On Bigger Platforms And On Camera To Spread The Truth?

Donald Bohanon: I do what I can with my limited resources. I’m not so quick to speak on platforms like Youtube for instance where they can censor what you say or simply completely shut you down if you say something that’s contrary to their agenda. It would be counterproductive and a waste of time to have created so much content only to have it removed instantly.

I prefer being in complete control so what I say and teach won’t be compromised. But if you want me to reach the masses, spread the word and donate. There would be no sadder situation to be in where you are in the midst of everything that’s been prophesied on this site wishing that you had done more to support the work to prevent the calamity that you yourselves will be going through.

God actually does say a time is coming when he is going to shut the work down and at that time people will be earnestly looking for guidance from his true apostles and prophets and the truth they speak but they won’t be able to find it or them because they will be taken to a place of safety to escape the calamity.

God says this world doesn’t deserve his servants or his truth because you reject the truth and persecute his servants. He says he’s going to eventually send strong delusion in the form of false teachers and deceivers so you will believe lies instead to your own physical and spiritual destruction.

Because you don’t love the truth but instead love lies and cling to lies. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12. God actually reveals to me that many people will be on the brink of giving only to allow themselves to be talked out of by others. There are times I have wept quietly when praying to God because I know what’s coming and I know it can be stopped. And I see some taking action but it’s not enough. More needs to be done, much more.

You can’t expect me to do more with limited resources when you do nothing and sit on your hands yourselves. God says you want me to embrace and support your views in exchange for support but that’s nonnegotiable and he would destroy me and you if I went that route. That doesn’t benefit me or you. And I promise the reapers are at the door even now awaiting marching orders from the great God Yahweh as his impatience grows. And that’s not an empty threat.

If you want to see me on camera reaching much larger audiences donate so I can do that. What I can promise is I will be transparent in providing all the details of where the money is going on this site. Do other self-proclaimed ministers do that? To build trust you have to trust first. I do what I can with what I have. The question is what are you doing? And will you continue to do nothing until it’s too late?

She’s Right On Many Points.

Is There A Growing Epidemic Of Celebrities Feminizing Their Children?

Q&A: Are You A Jehovahs Witness?

Question: Are You A Jehovahs Witness?

Donald Bohanon: No. There are some slight similarities but they don’t keep the commandments, or Holy Days, I don’t believe, which are absolute requirements. There are certain holidays they don’t recognize but that’s about where it ends in terms of similarities based on my understanding.

They unfortunately also have a book that when examined closely, heavily misinterprets scripture. This is in large part due to their lack of understanding of how important and crucial the Holy Spirit is in properly interpreting the word of God. Something you won’t receive if you reject God’s ten commandments and word.

And that is unfortunately what most of these professing forms of Christianity do and is why they are in darkness as it relates to prophecy, doctrine, faith, grace, judgment, etc. God simply reveals no deep spiritual revelation to those who reject his word and the ten commandments, period. Amos 3:7.

Colossians 1:9 (N I V) For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.

But the fact that they don’t recognize certain holidays is supported by the Bible. But those are probably the only similarities TRUE CHRISTIANITY shares with them..

Trans Teen Sues Doctors Who Performed Gender Reassignment Surgery On Her.

Working To Outlaw Abortion First Was Just Stupid And I Think It Was Intentionally Done To Sabotage Conservative Momentum.

When they first moved to outlaw it in states I knew they had made a big mistake and felt it was done as a way to undermine republican and conservative momentum. That should have not been the first thing they moved to outlaw. And moving forward I would not focus on that being the primary goal at this time. Should have left that alone until you secured power.

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