Power Hungry Global Elite Satan Worshippers And A Coming New World Order?

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It’s amazing how I stumbled across this video after writing the article below in parenthesis without knowing anything about the video (Are Facebook, Twitter, Google, And The Liberal Left Media All Examples Of A Coming State-Run Media?)  God obviously led me to the video.


Incidentally, the information outlined in this video about establishing a “one-world government” is completely supported by scripture.


But the Bible takes it further by emphasizing that this will lead to a coming world dictator who will probably be funded by this group and urged by a coming great false prophet to embark on a campaign of world domination and worldwide deception through miracles and massive liberal mainstream media brainwashing to ensure that “one-world government” is realized.


The video above describes how they are using the Covid-19 outbreak and Climate Change as well as the push for Marriage Equality as a form of brainwashing and mass control of citizens of all nations to establish a coming worldwide dictatorship.


I have been emphasizing it’s about control with these deranged, power-hungry elites for decades, well before information like this was coming out. I have been prophesying this for decades.


And you can rest assured once they have everyone in lockstep a microchip implant into the hand or forehead as a means to buy and sell will eventually be a requirement.


As the video suggests they are also using the coronavirus plague as a way to destroy small businesses globally so all financial power can be concentrated into a few major corporations who wield all the financial power.


You see that presently happening in the U.S. and many other countries with small businesses closing in record numbers because the democrat/liberals (who are apart of this whole sick diabolical scheme) refuse to okay coronavirus relief packages for American citizens who are suffering. And why are these things happening? God says your sins are bringing these things upon you.