By Donald Bohanon published May 27, 2022.

First, let me start off by saying I’m extremely saddened as many others are by this terrible incident. And I pray for the victims and families. This was just terrible and in my opinion the worst mass shooting incident I have ever seen. And of all people innocent children. It’s just terribly heartbreaking and sad.

But I also think we have be very selective in our wording when defining and describing what constitutes the makeup of a mass shooter/ murderer. I personally think it’s ridiculous to suggest that every mass shooter is a loner. And I personally don’t see how being a loner is synonymous with being a mass shooter/ murderer with violent tendencies.

That is quite frankly, ridiculous reasoning, and wreaks of the planning and creation of a false evil narrative in an effort to destroy the character of those who expose current evil agendas. And in so doing hinder their message. I know of many people who are loners who are kind and decent people. They have never harbored any violent thoughts and tend to prefer being alone because they don’t like being around ignorance, stupidity, lies, deception, perversion, and drama.

Many of the members of the true churches of God and those who keep God’s commandments and word, in general, are loners because they live by biblical instruction that encourages them to be separate from the world because they have nothing in common with it. James 4:4. We simply strive to become more righteous while the world is becoming increasingly more wicked and separate from God.

And when you consider the state of the world and how it’s immersed in perversion, confusion, and violence that’s only growing rampantly in society it’s quite frankly not an unreasonable request from God. God instructs his servants to be separate from it because he knows it’s going to hell in a handbasket and is only going to get more evil, perverted, ignorant, confused, and violent.

And the numerous acts of violence being carried out in cities around the country and the world are proof of that. And if we entertain it we can be drawn into it ourselves. Which would be disastrous spiritually to those to whom so much has been revealed. That’s why we must associate with people of like minds and eternal goals.

What about radical Islamic terrorist groups and gang members who many claim to commit most of the mass killings, are they loners? They’re members of criminal organizations, right? So they certainly can’t be classified as loners.

And what about white supremacist groups I thought they were the primary groups responsible for most of the mass shootings/ murders as many suggest? They aren’t loners, are they? So how can that theory be rational and accurate when they allegedly commit most of the mass killings? It appears the deceptive narratives change as frequently as the agenda.

I honestly think that narrative is being promoted in these end times as a way to defame and create a false narrative about the true servants of God and people in general who justifiably seek to disassociate themselves from perverted, irrational, and wicked people. In fact, I’m convinced of it. But I’m also convinced it will backfire on those who promote it because God fights for his servants on every level.

What the radical liberal-left media and other media platforms fail to acknowledge is the fact that the shooter allegedly wore makeup, and women’s eye mascara to be specific, which if true is probably a sign of homosexual, bisexual, or transgender tendencies which could be a major contributor to this kind of disturbing violent behavior. But being justifiably condemned because of your perverse sexual behavior is not a justification for murdering 19 innocent children only proof of your deranged state of mind. Which would be supported by Romans 1:26-32.

God clearly tells us they are warped individuals spiritually and mentally which contributes to these kinds of unstable actions and behavior. Romans 1:26-32. But the liberal media and other media platforms won’t report on that for fear of offending homosexual and lesbian associates or colleagues and putting their own jobs and livelihoods in jeopardy. And as a way to continue to advance the homosexual agenda.

I think one of the main focuses when looking at these kinds of mass shootings is to first determine what the shooter’s sexual orientation is or was. Were they homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, etc? Because whether people choose to believe it or not it can be a major contributing factor. Especially if they feel jaded or offended as it relates to others justifiably condemning or disagreeing with their lifestyle.

And then build from there as opposed to quickly labeling people who choose to keep to themselves because of the current confusing, twisted, perverted, and violent state of the world, and because they are instructed by God to do just that, as prime targets for this kind of baseless false narrative creation, and ridiculous reasoning.

Even the fact that he was allegedly violent in the past doesn’t stand the test of scrutiny when you consider most people have committed some form of violent act in the past whether it’s fighting with their sibling’s enemies or friends, etc, but have gone on to be upstanding citizens and successes in life.

The ridiculous dumb theory suggesting that people who have committed some form of violence in the past and who choose to keep to themselves have mass murder tendencies is just that, dumb and ridiculous, and simply not supported by the many examples of loners from all walks of life being good and decent people who just choose not to associate with and be around drama, lies, deception, ignorance, perversion, confusion, and violence.

If a past violent act or two or the fact that a person chooses to be by themselves determines mass shooter tendencies then practically every person in the world has mass shooter tendencies. People in the media should do better because they are just exacerbating the situation with these ridiculous theories. Even sociologists who promote these ridiculous theories’ even their real motives need to be carefully scrutinized and questioned if they seem suspicious, don’t make sense, and don’t correlate with the facts.