Featured:-Cardinal “Timothy Dolan” Claims Every Religious Institution Has A Similar History Of Sexual Sin Consistent With What The Catholic Church Is Guilty Of?

By Donald Bohanon  added 10/29/2019


Catholic Cardinal “Timothy Dolan” in the video above inaccurately and dishonestly makes the claim that all churches and religious establishments, in so many words, have a history of widespread sexual molestation of children that spans decades and centuries.


But truthfully that is simply a big satanic lie, and at the very least grossly dishonest and inaccurate. Cardinal Dolan needs to speak for himself and his own corrupt organization because that statement doesn’t apply to all religious institutions.


To be fair there are a number of false religious institutions that have been responsible for some form of sexual sin and or sexual exploitation of men, women, and children.


But primarily because they don’t teach or follow the commandments and word of God as a whole, but rather preach against it. And instead, falsely and ignorantly preach and teach faith as the only requirement


And because of this, they operate without and reject instruction from God for proper moral behavior and assistance from the Holy Spirit. Not understanding the basic biblical truth that no-one can live a righteous life in accordance with God’s standards without the assistance from both instruction from God, and power and guidance from the Holy Spirit.


And you only receive God’s Holy Spirit by obeying his commandments and his word -St John 14:15-17. But even with that, I know of no other religious institution that has exhibited the behavior and widespread documented sexual abuse of children the Catholic Church has. 


The Catholic Church honestly, and unfortunately, stands alone as a beacon and example of a profound corrupt false religious institution. With documented exploits and perverse sexual behavior that rival any religious institution before or after.


The fact that so much debased, perverse sexual behavior, is now being revealed and uncovered. It makes you wonder how many incidents of child molestation exist that we don’t know about? When you consider we are now only scratching the surface.


In fact, the only time it appears the Catholic Church attempts to walk the straight and narrow is when the spotlight is shed on it. And even with the spotlight shined on them they still appear to have extreme difficulty behaving themselves like righteous individuals. But if the light needs to be shined on you for you to behave yourself in a way that’s consistent with scripture then you aren’t righteous.


The righteous don’t need the spotlight shined on them to behave appropriately or live righteously. The wicked and hypocrites act holy in public but engage in abominable sin secretly. That’s not the definition of a righteous man or organization. And that type of  behavior, unfortunately, leads to destruction Job 27:8, Matthew 24:51, Hebrews 6:6-8, Hebrews 10:26-31,


I also think it’s important to point out, in the true churches of God, you would be hardpressed to find a consistent long term pattern of pastors and members even breaking some of the more basic commandments.


Much less a consistent long term pattern of engaging in some of the more offensive abominable sins like homosexuality/pedophilia. Because they work hard to live by and follow a biblical standard that is clearly outlined in God’s word. And is a requirement for all those who are sincere and committed to following God and his way of life. You won’t find a widespread culture of hypocrisy and blatant open rebellion against the commandments and the Bible in the true churches of God.


They’re not perfect obviously, but because they work hard at being perfect like their father in heaven is perfect and as they are commanded by Christ to work to attain perfection – Matthew 5:48. In addition to following God’s instruction and being led and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, they are more apt to produce fruit and righteous character consistent with what’s outlined in scripture. As opposed to those who falsely and ignorantly reject that instruction and preach obedience is not a requirement and only faith is sufficient.


But yet the Catholic Church has a documented history of engaging in this kind of debased behavior that spans decades and even centuries. And they now claim the problem has suddenly been rectified? But the Catholic Churches’ history, reputation, and perverse sexual exploits speak volumes. And tends to signify, represent, and speak to a lifestyle statement and choice, as opposed to stumbling or an occasional sinful error.


Based on its history and what the Bible says about the institution. Putting absolute trust back in an institution that has betrayed and preyed on its most vulnerable and innocent lay members for centuries.


And has brought nothing but shame and reproach on the name of God for centuries, in my opinion, would be a grave and very costly mistake. They’ve shown you for hundreds of years who they really are without missing a beat or step, and without any change in behavior or direction, but yet you still refuse to believe them? 


The same thing applies to the homosexual community and their largely unreported massive child molestation exploits. The problem in the Catholic Church is actually a massive, hidden, unrestrained homosexual culture, which is fueling a massive child molestation epidemic. Both the Catholic Church and the homosexual community have repeatedly on a consistent basis shown you who they really are. But yet you choose to just simply disregard what you see? Jesus Christ open their eyes before its too late.



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