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Stop Trying To Paint A False Picture.

Stop trying to paint a false picture what do you having a baby and not being able to change the past and moving forward have to do with me? That’s not my business. I wish you the best and congratulate you but that’s not my business. You and NC are a cold piece of work. Promoting a false narrative to get a certain female to buy into your lies in hopes that she will lose interest while at the same time undermining my credibility? That’s just evil.

You and I both know that I have never expressed an interest in you aside from complimenting you on a few occasions. And that’s it. And I have done that a few times with different women because I have always been an admirer of beautiful women. But that doesn’t mean I am lusting after them or have slept with them that’s just ridiculous reasoning. I try hard daily to keep God’s commandments and word and have been pretty successful and consistent for several decades.

Anyone who really knows me knows this. You are a very beautiful woman but I’m looking for more than just beauty. So please just stop trying to create a false narrative. I’m totally focused on living a righteous life first and foremost everything else is secondary.

I have been celibate for at least 2-3 decades, by choice, because I am required to do so by God’s word and nothing’s going to change that but a woman who’s committed to the same things I’m committed to.

But I do wish you luck and blessings upon you and your newborn. But don’t lie on me when you do that you put God to an open shame and embarrass me and he doesn’t like it. Trust me. You lie by trying to create a false narrative. Blessings and all the best to you and your lovely daughter though.

To Do God’s Work, You Must Be Committed To The Lifestyle Of A Disciple In Word And Deed.

Latino’s Growing Economic Power.

Destroying Basic American Freedoms And Seeking To Control Society By Way Of A Man Made Climate Change Hoax.

Is Christianity And Other Faiths Being Targeted And Attacked By An Extreme Radical Biden Administration?

Although I don’t agree with the doctrine the Catholic Church teaches I am in agreement with the notion that an attack against one religious institution is an attack on all of them. So all religious organizations need to oppose and stand firm against the targeting of religious institutions in general by this administration.

Is The IRS Being Weaponized Against Opponents Of The Extreme Radical Liberal Left?

With over 87,000 IRS Agents being added to the IRS roster and given the green light to use deadly force is the government organization along with other government organizations being weaponized against U.S. citizens who appose many extreme radical liberal policies and as a way to control them to accomplish a more diabolical agenda?

Major Flooding Slams Kentucky Resulting In Tragic Loss Of Life And Destruction Of Property.

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The Wrath Of God Or Man-Made Climate Change?

How To Distinguish The Wrath Of God From The Wrath Of Satan.

Wildfires Burn In Fifteen States. As Record Breaking Heat Bakes The Nation.

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The Wrath Of God Or Man Made Climate Change?

Are Democrats Hoping You Will Overlook Their Drastic Failed Policies By Seeking To Scare You Into Supporting Them By Promoting The Fake Man-Made Climate Change Agenda Among Other Things?

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The Ex-President Of Greene Peace Says Man-Made Climate Change Doesn’t Exist.

How  To Distinguish The Wrath Of God From The Wrath Of Satan

Is There A More Diabolical Motive Behind The Global Warming Scare?

Q&A: In Your Most Recent Audio “Is Grace A License To Sin?” In The Background, It Sounds Like You Are Scratching Something Can You Explain What That Is?

Question: In Your Most Recent Audio “Is Grace A License To Sin?” In The Background, It Sounds Like You Are Scratching Something Can You Explain What That is?

Donald Bohanon: It’s beard stubble growing back in so it’s itchy and causes me to scratch it. Most men know what it is.

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