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Q&A: How Can You Call Yourself A Christian And Not Support Immigration?

Question: How Can You Call Yourself A Christian And Not Support Immigration?

Donald Bohanon: I support legal immigration but I don’t support illegal immigration when it’s being used as a way to strengthen the democratic voting base as a way to win future elections. I’m not convinced compassion is the primary motivating factor for democrat politicians who support illegal immigration.

They also support other illegal activities and are obviously using illegal immigrants as pawns to secure political power. This is something I have been emphasizing for well over a decade. It’s not about compassion, but instead, about control for them.

They also support and promote abominations like homosexual and lesbian marriage. They are also in support of lax laws in relation to violent crime. It’s quite clear they are very selective in their hypocritical self-righteous condemnation of those who don’t support illegal immigration.

While they themselves are in support of abominable unbiblical behavior as well as the right to break and violate U.S. laws without regard or consequence. God’s word says man’s laws are to be followed and respected as long as they don’t conflict with God’s word. What is it about that part they don’t understand?

America is not equipped to house and feed the whole world. No one can honestly believe that, so they are either lying and have their own evil agenda. Or they are just blind and ignorant both of which should disqualify them from serving in any capacity as public servants.

Trying to feed and house the whole world would cause America to collapse. And a country that is in the midst of economic and social collapse is no good for anyone else either. If we couldn’t help ourselves how would we be able to help others? So what are they doing? Covertly working to undermine and destroy America or are they just that stupid? It has to be one or the other.

Both of which should disqualify them from holding public office. So I ask you again, what the heck are they doing? Compassion I’m convinced is somewhere last on the totem pole in terms of importance for corrupt democrat politicians. It certainly can’t be about compassion when you have democrat governors and mayors saying send the illegal immigrants back after those illegal immigrants have been bussed to their states and cities. It’s easy to feign compassion when the problem is not directly affecting you.

I have nothing but deep compassion for illegal immigrants. Many of them are in terrible circumstances and I truly feel deeply for them. So it’s not my intention to trivialize the suffering they’re going through only to explain what I feel is one of the main reasons behind allowing illegal immigration. And that is in my opinion as a way for democrat politicians to increase their voting base as a way to secure power in future elections. To further advance their evil agenda.

I also feel they are offering sanctuary in many of these liberal cities because many sexual deviants ie homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, transgenders, and pedophiles, are in positions of power in those cities and will use that power and influence as a way to exploit the desperate needs of those poor immigrants to satisfy their consuming desire for perverted sexual gratification. That is something else I feel is being foolishly overlooked in all of this. I feel for all those illegal immigrants and pray God will protect, shelter, and feed them.

Thousands Of Unaccompanied Minors Being Held In Border Facilities?: What Do They Really Plan To Do With The Children?


Hundreds, possibly thousands, of boys alone being held in pods and separated from their families? And who are the so-called sponsors who will act as new guardians for the boys?


This whole situation is disturbing to me and looks like an organized effort to put migrant boys and girls into homosexual/lesbian/pedophile adopted families which would be a fate worse than death.


The types of emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation they will be subjected to with the sole objective being to indoctrinate and molest them I’m convinced will be enormous.


It appears virtually everything this administration is doing is geared towards destroying the country in some form by invoking the wrath of God.


I would advise those in positions of authority to spare no effort to ensure these children don’t end up in those kinds of perverse environments. If that is the goal, and I’m convinced it is, this is diabolical and satanic on so many levels.

Migrant Crisis At Southern Border Continues To Grow.


A Record Number Of Migrant Children Reportedly In Border Patrol Custody.

Illegal Immigration Overload:Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Estimated Crossing The U.S. Border Annually.

President Trump Offers Immigration Compromise.

The Argument Against Illegal Immigration….. Is It Still Divisive,Hateful,And Ignorant When It’s Coming From The Mouths Barrack Obama,Chuck Schumer And Hillary Clinton?

Despite The Liberal Media’s Promotion Of Mass Illegal Immigrant Abuse Trumps Approval Rating Among Latino’s Rises 10 Points.

Children Of Illegal Immigrants Temporarily Housed In Cages Under The Obama Administration?: Where Was The Liberal Media Outrage Then?

By Nick Arama – June 25, 2018


Obama Administration Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson just put a big hole in the left’s attack on President Donald Trump.


Democrats and liberal media have been attacking Trump over its detention policies.


Trump signed an executive order ending separation and Johnson’s words may finish off whatever remaining criticism that’s thrown out there, if the mainstream media actually covers what he said.


Johnson admitted that even the Obama administration believed detentions were necessary and that they expanded family detention.


From Daily Caller:

“Without a doubt the images, and the reality, from 2014, just like 2018, are not pretty,” Johnson told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. “We expanded it, I freely admit it was controversial, we believed it was necessary at the time, I still believe it is necessary to remain a certain capability for families.”


He acknowledged that they had deported over a million people.He also made another critical admission.


Johnson added that the “catch-and-release” strategy of allowing asylum seekers to remain in the country on their own reconnaissance until their asylum hearing, was untenable, and that the Obama Administration, contrary to popular belief, “deported or repatriated” more than a million illegal immigrants.


They tried “catch and release.” The result? People bounced and didn’t show up in substantial numbers. And that it prompted more people to frivolously claim asylum, knowing then they could potentially have a free ticket right into the country. Then that resulted in the huge overflow with which they had to deal in 2014 that ended up with the system overloaded, with kids being kept in cages and turned over to human traffickers.


Although President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to end separations and all are expected to be reunited by Sunday night according to reports, immigration activists are still objecting to families being held at all.


And they are essentially pushing for “catch and release,” if “caught” at all.Guessing that Jeh Johnson’s admission that that is just not a feasible approach wouldn’t get a lot of mainstream media airplay. That might distract from the narrative.



8,9000 Illegal Immigrant Children Separated From Parents At Border Under The Obama Administration?: Where Was The Liberal Media Outrage Then?…. The Liberal Medias Blind Love Of Barack Obama And Their Biased Seething Hatred For Donald Trump In Their Efforts To Secure Power At All Costs Knows No Limits.

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