Question: Why do you speak out so forcefully against homosexuality they say those who do that are normally homosexual or bisexual themselves?

Donald Bohanon:  I speak out so frequently and forcefully against homosexuality because they are some of the biggest cowards, liars, manipulators, and deceivers, and some of the most evil and diabolical individuals walking planet earth. And I say that without any reservations because I know it to be the absolute truth.

For example, if a homosexual is interested in a man that he knows a woman is interested in, they will think nothing of falsely accusing the man they’re interested in of being homosexual or bisexual, to destroy the woman’s interest in that man. To destroy the woman’s interest who they perceive as a threat.

They will lie not only about the man’s sexuality but just about anything else as well, all in an effort to discourage anyone they perceive as a threat to what they lust after. They also develop hate for you because you won’t allow them to take a bowel movement on your penis, or allow them to suck on your penis by sticking your penis in their hairy or shaven, masculine mouth.

Because homosexual sex is just that, allowing another man to literally poop on your penis. Simply beyond filthy, disgusting, nauseating and gross. You may as well insert your penis directly into an infectious, smelly, toxic turd and cut out the middle man. 

Because it’s no different. They live for and are shackled and consumed with the thought of getting large, throbbing,  blood-engorged,  pulsating penis, forcefully and repetitively pounded into their infectious, smelly, stinking, bacteria-filled,  disease-producing anuses and buttocks.

As a result of demonic lust and influence. This may sound harsh but it’s the truth. Literally chasing another man’s penis. That’s the epitome of a sick and pathetic individual. Stick your own penis in your own filthy infectious anus. Contort and bend your own penis and aim and insert it into your own anus. Infect your own penis by sticking it into your own hairy, infectious, stinking anus.

They also heavily and exhaustively engage in lying, slandering, and falsely accusing truly good, decent, righteous, and straight people. But in most cases are never able to provide an ounce of proof to prove or substantiate those lies and false claims.

And please don’t let the pervert find out the guy has a big penis,  because of how women talk and foolishly tell all their secrets, while these perverts listen intently. God forbid. The pervert will lose his mind, and lie and slander incessantly, and do anything to try and get that man for perverted sexual purposes.

They also lie on and deceive each other continuously. They also habitually lie to themselves and convince themselves that someone they have a strong perverted sexual attraction to feels the same way about them.

When in reality the object of their lust is completely disgusted by them. This is just one way this perversion warps and twists the mind as is emphasized in Romans 1:26-32.

2 Timothy 3:13

13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

The same also applies to a lesbian woman. If she feels a woman she is interested in, is interested in a guy, she will think nothing of falsely accusing that guy of being homosexual/bisexual to destroy that female’s interest in that guy. In many cases, the homosexual/bisexual and lesbian will work together in achieving their evil, selfish, twisted, perverted, sexually motivated goals.

In order to satisfy their consuming, filthy, shackling, corrupting, perverted lust. And draw others into the filthy, destructive, corrupting lifestyle. They also regularly promote the false, insane, ridiculous theory, that if a man and woman have all sons then at least one of those sons is automatically homosexual.

A stupid and ridiculous, satanic lie and deception, that’s driven and promoted as a result of filthy, corrupting, consuming, perverted lust. 

They also love to falsely and deceptively imply they are the sole victims of bullying when in reality they are the biggest liars, slanderers, and serial bullies, and bully more often and aggressively than any group  I know of.

They just do their bullying in the shadows, sort of like the kid who throws a rock and then turns his back to give the false impression that he couldn’t have been the one who threw the rock. When a person exposes all of their evil with the truth, they are quick to label that person a bully as well.

Not having a clue what the term really means, nor to what situation or circumstance it should be applied. If you oppose them or speak the truth about them you are automatically labeled a bully. When In reality, they are the biggest bullies and perpetrators of most of these things, as opposed to the victims.

They’re also covertly working hard to create animosity between men and women, and build rifts between them by promoting lies, bogus theories, propaganda, and false information. So they can exploit the resentment, bitterness, hatred, and separation, for their own perverted, sexually motivated, ungodly goals. 

Advising others to avoid controlling people is something else they try to do. But they are the biggest practitioners and proponents of controlling others and seek to control others in practically everything they do. Not all control is bad control.

Your parents, for instance, may seek to control your destructive actions or behavior for your benefit. Your coach if you are a member of a team may seek to control your destructive actions and behavior for your benefit and the benefit of the team.

Your teacher may seek to control your destructive actions and behavior for your benefit and long-term future success. Your spouse may seek to intervene and reel in or control behavior they recognize as destructive and counterproductive ( and that you can’t see) to you and a healthy relationship. So not all forms of control are bad.

The difference is, the way the members of the homosexual and lesbian community seek to control you is in a way that will have serious physical and spiritual ramifications. Because it will almost always be in the context of embracing, promoting, and practicing the very corrupting, destructive, and perverting lifestyle in some capacity. While demonizing you and trying to bully you if you don’t. 

Another satanic and diabolical lie and absurd theory they promote, suggest that intelligence is synonymous with homosexuality. In other words, if you are really intelligent you are automatically considered homosexual. So I suppose Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, George Washington Carver, W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John F Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, John Adams, etc, were all homosexuals?  

Because this is what they want you to believe. And is the twisted, diabolically evil, insane, distorted rationale they want you to apply. Because it only serves as a way to draw the brightest and the best, the cream of the crop into the homosexual and lesbian sphere of influence and lifestyle.

Which gives them more ammunition, if you will, more intelligent manpower to further their satanic, diabolical agenda, for the widespread promotion and legalization of this filthy, perverted, satanic, way of life to the four corners of the globe. And is obviously used as a way to sexually pervert the best and the brightest, to satisfy their consuming, insatiable appetites for perverse sexual gratification.

I would even go as far as advising never to eat any food or drink prepared or handled by them. They’re also major instigators and will be instrumental in instigating violent conflicts, confrontations, and fights between individuals when it suits them or benefits their purpose or agenda.

And they normally do this without the victims ever knowing or being aware of what they’re doing. But will be the first to flee when circumstances get really violent and scream bloody murder when it happens to them.

And if you know of a person that’s constantly accusing someone they don’t know and know nothing about, or even someone they know of being homosexual, bisexual or a pedophile. But you don’t see any outward signs of it or behavior, actions, or mindset that supports those allegations.

You can pretty much rest assured, the person, male or female, who is constantly accusing the person they don’t know, or they know, of being homosexual, bisexual or a pedophile. That person who is doing the accusing is probably a homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or pedophile themselves.

And if you do some investigating you will probably find that to be the case. It could even be your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. And they probably have some sick sexual interest in the person they are falsely accusing, or the person they are speaking the lies to.

Women should also be aware of men who like to keep company with women and masquerade as masculine but are always talking about other men and working to make other men appear less masculine to those women by innuendo. In relation to the most basic things like a  healthy diet, for instance,  the person they are gossiping about maintains.

Some of the most baseless and ridiculous theories they will create for the sole purpose of destroying the women’s interest in the man probably because they have some sick, perverted lust, for the man themselves. That’s a dead giveaway. Straight masculine men have no desire to hang around and gossip with women.

Nor do they constantly engage in gossip about other men. And any man who claims men who avoid homosexuals and don’t want to be around them is in fact a homosexual or bisexual themselves. The person making that ridiculous claim is a strong candidate for homosexuality and or bisexuality and is quite possibly a closet homosexual or bisexual himself.

The same thing applies to a woman who is making those same ridiculous claims. No straight man or woman, who isn’t being compensated in some way to say it, would ever make a ridiculously false statement like that. This is done as a deceptive way to motivate or influence men to associate with homosexual men so homosexual men can work to pervert them.

They now want you to believe the ridiculous backward, twisted, satanic theory, that you desire to mingle with and be around what you hate. And run from and seek to avoid the things you love. In other words, they want you to believe, that you, in reality, hate what you really love. And love what you really hate? How stupid, demented, backward, satanic, and ridiculous, is that and how much sense does it make?  

Homosexuals and lesbians’ motivation and objective is to always draw others into the lifestyle. So acts of kindness, expressions of concern and compassion, etc, have always it’s been my understanding are a means to an end. Which is to draw as many naive and ignorant people into the lifestyle as they can. And it’s important to understand that the receiver or the homosexual who is addicted to taking penis in his anus, is the one who’s even more twisted and warped than the poker.

The receiver engages in more lying, deceit, harassing, and abominable evil behavior than even the person who inserts his penis into the stinking, toxic, infectious muck. He just does his dirt in a cowardly fashion and in the shadows. As both categories of homosexuals do.

But both are demented, twisted, warped, and diabolical. Rendered demon-possessed, abominably evil, completely detached from reality, and mentally deranged by a warped and twisted spiritual condition. As a result of perverted, consuming sexual behavior and lust.

Another very evil, satanic, and diabolical tactic they use and have been using for some time now, is to plant homosexuals/bisexuals and lesbians in neighborhoods, for the sole purpose of spreading lies and false rumors against those they view as enemies and threats. In an effort to undermine and destroy the credibility of those individuals they view as threats to furthering their evil, satanic, homosexual agenda.

Never be fooled by any act of kindness, or expressions of concern, coming from homosexuals/bisexuals or lesbians. From straight people of good character? Yes. But homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians? Absolutely not! Because it’s always a means to an end, to draw you into the lifestyle.

It normally starts off subtle, with offers of help and assistance. And ultimately progresses into the homosexual/bisexual or lesbian soliciting the person for sex at some point. All or most sexual deviants and sexual predators follow the same pattern and method.

These are just some of the many evil, destructive and pathetic games they play, never feeling any remorse about how those lies are affecting the person or persons they are leveling them against.

But only concerned about satisfying the filthy, consuming lust, they’re shackled by. And the willingness to go to any lengths to do so. Sick, perverted, sexual deviants, who are living in a twisted, perverted, fantasy world, that’s about to come crashing down in the most horrific, frightening fashion.

Their minds stay in the gutter because they are immersed in sexual perversion. If you are constantly engaging in perverse sexual behavior that’s all you will think about. All while falsely convincing and deceiving themselves into thinking, that others who detest the perversion, for all the filthy obvious reasons, have to be engaging in it also, because they are enslaved by it and love it so much themselves.

That filthy perversion creates insanity that’s fueled and formed by perverted lust. I’m convinced they won’t be satisfied until they have a smelly poop encrusted penis in every household in America and around the globe.

Another very evil, diabolical and dubious tactic they engage in, is to falsely accuse a person who rejects them (and their filthy perverted sexual advances) of being racist. In other words, if it’s a white homosexual and you reject them and their filthy sexual advances that person and liar will falsely accuse the black person, for instance, of being racist against whites.

When in reality the black man is just rejecting the homosexual and his perversion and not the white individual in general. The same thing applies to Asian, Black, and Latino homosexuals as well, etc. All of them engage in the same twisted diabolical schemes as a result of being consumed and driven by perverted lust and all the unholy evil that produces.

That sexual perversion twists them spiritually and mentally in such a way that they will falsely perceive and misinterpret even the simplest and most basic kind gestures. For example, allowing them to cut in front of you in a grocery line because they have fewer items, as an interest or sexual interest in them.

When you are only trying to be polite by allowing them to cut in front of you. This is just one of many examples of how that perverted lust distorts you mentally and completely clouds your judgment.

If you are wise you will never keep company with or let a lesbian, homosexual or bisexual in your ear. Or give an ear to anything they say. They lie like no individual or group walking this earth. And their filthy lust is the catalyst that produces all that filthy, evil behavior. Behavior that leads to death by fire when judged.Malachi 4:1, John 5:28-29, Romans 1:26-32, Romans 1:32, Romans 2:6-10,Revelation 20:11-15,Revelation 21:7-8.

Homosexuality is not a race or nationality, or a political party, etc. It’s a very dangerous, destructive and corrupting perversion. Simply put that filthy, ungodly perversion, ruins and destroys you on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism, etc, are equal opportunity, perverting, corrupters.

No one who engages in the behavior is immune or exempt from its profound, corrupting, perverting, shackles and effects. And the person who practices it never gets better only progressively worse, more twisted, evil, and distorted, in their thoughts and actions.

It can also result in a significantly shortened lifespan as it relates to God’s servants because God creates circumstances that result in the death of those who persecute his servant’s Psalms 7:11-17, Psalms Chapter 37, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9. Allowing a homosexual/ bisexual or lesbian, to advise you about someone, or talk about someone they know nothing at all about, is beyond stupid, and can’t really be properly articulated to explain how stupid it really is..I don’t think.

They will go to any lengths to satisfy their consuming, overwhelming desire, for perverse sexual gratification. They will lie, slander, murder, molest and harass. Numerous incidents rarely reported by the liberal media support this(FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW FOR PROOF). They are extremely nosy because they love to gossip and spread rumors, etc. Something which is confirmed by God’s word, and is something I have witnessed on a few occasions myself.

And that’s simply the truth. Don’t mistake righteous indignation and truth, and hate for evil, as hate for people Psalms 97:10, Romans 12:9. And love has nothing to do with calling “evil” good and “good” evil!  In actuality calling “evil” good and “good” evil is hate for God and humanity and it has nothing at all to do with love. Proverbs 17:15, Isaiah 5:20-25.

There’s also a big difference between hating evil and hating people. I hate evil, not people, the Bible commands all Christians all those who love God to hate evil and expose it as evil Psalms 97:10, Romans 12:9, Ephesians 5:10-13.

And homosexuality is abominably evil and produces abominable evil behavior, twisted sick behavior, and widespread destructive outcomes. Most who practice abominable evil, and twisted perverse sexual behavior in secret ….Psalms 97:10, Romans 12:9, Ephesians 5:10-13. I’m simply speaking the truth. And God’s word is true Romans 1:18-32.

Firing innocent, blameless, good employees, simply because they reject the advances of these sexual deviants or because those employees disagree with their views. These are just some of the many examples of this kind of widespread unethical and illegal behavior.

Sexual harassment and intolerance in the workplace, of anyone who disagrees with their views. Which is at epidemic levels under the influence and authority of these sex addicts and sexual deviants. And goes largely unreported.

Something I myself have been a victim of. Taking advice from a sexual deviant can unfortunately also get you killed because they may falsely convince a fellow sexual deviant to approach a man or woman who has no tolerance for the behavior.

And who may view it as a complete act of disrespect, which could result in the instigator being killed by any number of violent methods. You see and hear about incidents like this happening often and unfortunately, it’s going to increase drastically in the future.

And only a fool of the highest degree would ever allow themselves to be influenced, led, counseled, or instructed, by a sexual deviant/homosexual/bisexual or lesbian Psalm 1:1, 2 Timothy 3:13. To allow a homosexual, lesbian or bisexual to advise or instruct you, is the equivalent of accepting advice from Satan himself.

Because their thoughts, actions, and decisions, will be governed by their consuming, perverted lust, which will warp and impair their judgment and thought processes. Ultimately corrupting and perverting their behavior, which will always, eventually, have destructive outcomes, both physically and spiritually. 

As sure as I live and breathe to follow the advice or instruction of any homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or any other sexual deviant will most certainly, ultimately, result in being condemned to the lake of fire. Because of the filthy, biblically contrasting behavior, that twisted, evil counsel and advice will result in.

Which will, in turn, be judged harshly and result in condemnation Romans 1:26-32, Romans 1:32. And the fact that homosexuality unlike adultery, murder, lying, etc, has been legalized and is being promoted as something good, beneficial and wholesome, is a major problem and very, very, very dangerous. 

None of these other sins are viewed as okay and acceptable to most people because they know how damaging and harmful these behaviors are. But homosexuality something that is even more offensive and destructive than all the others and even more offensive and destructive than murder in God’s eyes. Because it destroys spiritually and results in spiritual destruction on a massive scale, has been promoted, embraced, and even legalized.

Not to mention the fact that it’s being used as a springboard to legalize pedophilia and other filthy destructive forms of sexual behavior. This is happening right now as I write this. This is very, very, very dangerous, and is going to have worldwide catastrophic consequences both physically and spiritually in the very near future Ezekiel 8:18, Zephaniah 1:14-18. God has destroyed whole civilizations because of that filthy sin. Some examples recorded in the pages of the Bible and some not Jude 1:5-7.

And he is about to do the same thing to the United States if they don’t completely reject the sick perversion. These are just some of the reasons why I am so driven to expose it for what it really is. They are also involved in an aggressive worldwide campaign to feminize weak, conforming, misguided, and victimized men.

And masculate weak, conforming, misguided, and victimized women. In other words, they are working to turn men into weak, effeminate homosexuals, and women into masculine lesbians on a massive scale worldwide. They’re like vultures and jackals who prey on the weak, ignorant, naive, confused, poor, curious, low self -esteemed, etc.

In actuality, most homosexuals hate women because they want to be women and want what women have….which is men. And most lesbians hate men because they want to be men and want what men have….which is women. Lesbians want to turn men into effeminate homosexuals. Homosexuals want to turn women into butch dykes so they can indulge themselves in the leftovers and spoils.

Something else that people need to be mindful of and aware of is how very manipulative and deceptive they are in regards to creating false perceptions. They play so many games and use so many tricks and schemes to create doubt in the minds of others, about even the most staunch heterosexuals.

For instance, they will continually throw the suggestion out there that women should be leery of every man to create doubt and suspicion because this only benefits the homosexuals and lesbians in the long run. Because it creates doubt and creates an opportunity for them to draw the naive, gullible victim into the filthy, corrupting lifestyle.

Let a lying homosexual or lesbian tell it and every man and woman in the world is homosexual or lesbian. Or at the very least suspect. Another tactic they will use to create false perception is word association. They will often repeat words and phrases that a straight man or women uses to deceptively create some form of association or connection in the minds of ignorant onlookers and observers.

When in reality there is no association whatsoever. As well as facial expressions to give the false appearance that they have the 411 on someone they know nothing at all about. They also love to lie and claim they know someone they don’t know at all. These are just some of the many deceptive and misleading tactics and strategies they use to satisfy their consuming lust and draw others into the lifestyle.

Because they repeat words or phrases that a straight man or woman uses does not mean there is some kind of association between the straight and homosexual parties. Only a very ignorant fool would believe that or fall for such a weak and pathetic form of deception and manipulation. If you want to know if there is some association judge it based on if the parties are hanging out and doing things together often, or on a regular basis, but never by innuendo.

In fact, the guy in the video below, based on what’s been conveyed to me, actually may be working to paint a false picture and perception of association in his videos also. By using words and phrases that  I write and  use to deceptively create some fake form of association or connection.

When in reality I don’t know the guy at all and have never met him. Neither do I have a desire to meet him or get to know him on any terms or on any level whatsoever. But he and others obviously appear to be working to make it appear that way. And this will be the last time I ever post a video of his on my site. I only posted it originally to make a point. But never again.

There’s an old saying that goes”if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth” a tactic and strategy homosexuals use often to defame and try to convert and pervert others. But ultimately to their very painful and destructive detriment…Revelation 21:7-8.

I only came across his video several months ago and decided to share it because of how he was condemning the very lifestyle he himself practices. By explaining how corrupting, filthy and destructive the lifestyle is, all while being a homosexual man himself. I’m in no way a fan of his, nor do I have any knowledge of him or association with him whatsoever.

I just shared his video that’s all. Let me make that clear and set the record straight. They’re obviously trying to create these false perceptions because I am working so hard to reveal and expose the filthy, corrupting, destructive lifestyle for what it really is. But they will be held accountable for those deceptive, manipulative practices in due time

No straight man is going to spend significant time with, or hang around someone he knows to be homosexual or bisexual, period! Because he has nothing in common with him and he’s naturally and justifiably disgusted by the behavior. And conversely, an undercover homosexual will have associations and contacts with many other homosexual men and will love and feel completely comfortable around them.

This is the only true barometer to distinguish whether the guy is homosexual, bisexual or downlow. And if he is straight and keeping company with homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians,(which is a rarity) it probably won’t be for long. 

Because as a group they are adept at brainwashing, indoctrinating, and changing the perceptions and opinions of others through lies, deception, false science, and false information. And drawing the weak, ignorant, gullible, curious, and inquisitive into that homosexual and lesbian sphere of influence, and ultimately perverting and converting them.

And make no mistake about it they will stop at nothing to satisfy their lust and further their agenda. Even if it means targeting the children of prominent figures ie.. celebrities, actors, entertainers, and political figures for conversion.

In other words they will seek to brainwash, indoctrinate, pervert and corrupt the children of powerful, influential individuals. In an effort to change the opinions of these powerful influential individuals and garner their support to further their ungodly agenda for the widespread promotion of this perverse destructive behavior.

This is something they are focused on doing and have been doing. Changing the minds of the powerful and influential, by indoctrinating and brainwashing their children, makes it much easier for them to accomplish their sick twisted agenda.

The only individuals you need to avoid and be leery of are homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians because if not they will eventually chip away at and erode your judgment and sound reasoning by continually injecting lies and falsehood into your mind, about everyone you associate with and come in contact with.

So much so that you will eventually begin to think there is no way to get around it because they will have you thinking that everyone is homosexual or lesbian, so you may as well turn homosexual or lesbian yourself.  They are very skilled in the art of deception and creating false perceptions. But it’s not surprising because their father Satan is the author and originator of it, and he is their father, instructor and teacher.

John 8:44
King James Version (KJV)

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

And the false suggestion that anyone who speaks out against the behavior is homosexual themselves is ridiculous and doesn’t even make sense. It’s a big Satanic lie promoted by the homosexual and lesbian community primarily who seek to perpetuate that myth.  It’s a shame how most people buy into that ridiculous lie and theory without thinking for themselves.

That’s just like saying Isis loves Israel and the Jews. Or Hitler and the Nazis loved Jews. I suppose Hitler’s hate-filled rants and murder of millions of innocent Jews were, in reality,  love for the Jews and a longing to be a Jew or an inner expression of his hidden Jewish nature and character?  Or I suppose any person who has opposing viewpoints to a subject, a way of life or an issue, is in reality, in heart, a deep supporter and practitioner of the very things they oppose?!! 

How stupid is that?  That reasoning is as twisted and backward as the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle itself. This is not surprising because the filthy perversion, behavior, and lifestyle produce a warped, twisted, backward form of reasoning and a twisted backward perception of reality. Which results in ignorance, blindness, and warped, abominable evil, twisted thoughts, and behavior.  

It’s been my experience that those who strongly support and argue in favor of the behavior are the homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians, or closet homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians, not the other way around. Or they either do it because it benefits them financially or some other way because they have to be politically correct to ensure they are favorably viewed by the public so as not to jeopardize their finances, positions or employment in some way.

That stupid, baseless, ridiculous, false theory, is designed simply to destroy the credibility of those who oppose the filthy, destructive lifestyle, so the homosexual community can proceed with the furthering of their twisted, ungodly, destructive agenda, unopposed.

That belief is further perpetuated by homosexual and lesbian psychologists and psychiatrists. Or pro-homosexual and lesbian psychologists and psychiatrists who intentionally seek to discredit opponents of the filthy lifestyle by performing bogus, biased studies. Biased studies which suggest that anyone who opposes and speaks out against the behavior is in fact homosexual themselves.

All of which is carefully and methodically orchestrated by the homosexual and lesbian community to destroy the credibility of those who speak out against the behavior, and to silence anyone who has a desire to speak out against the perversion for fear they may be labeled homosexual based on homophobia. Demonizing, homophobia, which is a good thing. To demonize homosexuality is a good thing. And homophobia is a good thing.

There is simply a corrupting, perverting, destructive, spiritual element involved that science and medicine will never be able to detect. And the only way to resolve it is by completely walking away from the perverted, corrupting, destructive lifestyle.

You better be homophobic and fear homosexuality if you have even the most basic of common sense, spiritual understanding or perception. You better fear it!!! 

And I’m not talking about fear of the cowardly homosexual, but the perversion itself because it corrupts and perverts like no sin I have ever seen. It is evil and produces abominable evil and physical and spiritual death.  This is what it really is. And anyone who would buy into that lie as truth and fact is sadly and unfortunately rank stupid and ignorant, very gullible, and easily deceived. Sadly and unfortunately you will probably realize much too late what I already know now. 

Most people who oppose homosexuality hate it because they are not fooled by all the fake, fairy tale images that surround it, and truly understand how disgusting,  nasty, stinking, infectious, perverted and destructive, it really is. Swimming in fecal matter that’s full of bacteria, infectious bacterial microbes, parasites and pathogens, is what it amounts to.

Even proud, committed, practicing homosexuals have attested and confirmed themselves by their own verbal admissions how addictive and destructive the filthy, ungodly behavior is. Follow the link below for proof. Warning the language in the video is very graphic and offensive..  

Those that fully support it or argue strongly in favor of it are either practicing homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians or are somehow benefiting from the fact that they support it either monetarily or some other way, not the other way around.

But there are exceptions to every rule. That false perception is further perpetuated by fake, phony, God-hating homosexual ministers, who falsely masquerade as men of God. And then somehow claim to have gotten an epiphany, as they now deceptively argue that God is cruel and or is not real, and the

Bible is false, based on their own gross misinterpretations and misrepresentations of  God and the Bible. Resulting from being offended by the truth and the revelation that homosexuality is abominably evil.

All of which is a deceptive ploy to further the homosexual agenda, by working to undermine the validity of the Bible by falsely and inaccurately depicting God and the Bible through lies and gross misinterpretations and misrepresentations of scripture.

By intentionally taking scripture out of context to paint a false picture of God and the Bible.In a deceptive Satan-inspired and motivated effort to make God appear heartless and uncaring.

Or they are eventually outed or intentionally out themselves in a concerted, intentional effort, to destroy the credibility of true Christianity by intentionally painting a false picture or narrative that most true ministers and servants of God are secretly practicing homosexuals and bisexuals themselves. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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Homosexual, Pedophile And Lesbian Agenda Interconnected.

Click Here for more info on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

Click Here for more info on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

We have no affiliation with this site we just thought it necessary to provide information emphasizing  the magnitude of how filthy homosexual sex is. Warning!! Extremely Gross And Disgusting !! ClickHere  for more information.

 Click Here for more information on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

Click Here  for more information on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

Click Here  for more information on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

Are They Really Born That Way?

Click Here  for more information on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

Click Here  for more information on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.

Click Here  for more information on the far reaching destructive implications of the homosexual agenda.