The Catholic Church once again has been rattled by another child sex abuse scandal, but why is it that I’m not surprised at all?  Could it be that I’m becoming desensitized by years and thousands of accounts of child sex abuse by the Catholic Church? 


Yes..I think that’s what it is.This prominent false religious institution unfortunately has a track record  of  sexually abusing children that spans centuries, it only now is coming to the forefront. God it appears is outing these corrupt, perverse institutions on a daily basis, and I thank him for it.


But where do we go from here? Will the authorities engage in the usual protocol of turning a blind eye while allowing the Catholic Church to deal with it’s own matters, while the Catholic Church leadership issues no more than a slap on the wrist for this criminal behavior?


The lives of thousands of innocent children have been essentially destroyed courtesy of this false religious institution.Which unfortunately is viewed in the eyes of many as the pilar and beacon of righteousness and godliness. This proven false religious institution which unfortunately carries  the universal mantle of a preeminent righteous organization.


How much child rape has to take place spanning centuries before people will wake up and realize that this.. the Catholic Church, is not God’s true church at all? But only a false religious institution that holds fast to a false doctrine that was established and implemented in the third century by Emperor Constantine.


A false doctrine which rejects the true doctrines of Christ which emphasize obedience to the commandments and word of God as a whole and supplants it with the false soul destroying doctrine of salvation by grace through faith only. A false soul destroying doctrine which encourages, and promotes  rebellion against the commandments (which includes the sabbath) and word of God as a whole.


And rejects and replaces God’s true sabbath which is from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday with the false Christian Sabbath of “Sunday” observance.  A false doctrine which has a track record of producing the abominable,  biblically contrasting behavior, that is on full display in most of these churches.Churches who teach and follow those same false doctrines.


But yet the world continues to follow and embrace these same false doctrines and teachings as true Bible based teachings and doctrines despite how biblically contradicting they are and despite how much obvious widespread hypocrisy and rebellion they produce. And the Catholic Church  still marches on as the beacon of righteousness while secretly  engaging in perverse, ungodly behavior.


While simultaneously working to cover up the same shameful, despicable behavior. And the world continues to praise and adore them, and flock to them in droves for instruction in righteousness.While they, the Catholic Church, continue to sexually prey upon and exploit innocent children without a second thought.While covering up the despicable crimes.


It appears the world as a whole has become desensitized by this behavior and have grown to expect and accept it.And that my friends is a very dangerous proposition that is setting a very dangerous precedent. The truth of the matter is people have made this false religious organization what it is in terms of it’s recognition,prominence, and preeminence.Based on the trust that they have bestowed upon it.


But how can anyone continue to put absolute faith in an organization that has let them down repeatedly by being caught in sex scandal, after sex scandal,after sex scandal. as it relates to innocent children of all people? Child sex abuse of all things? How many proven publicized acts of wrongdoing does it take for someone to wake up and say “hey something is terribly wrong here, could I be wrong in my acceptance and acknowledgement of this organization as a true righteous institution?”


One incident of child abuse is too many.Repeated occurrences of child molestation that span centuries simply can’t be viewed as stumbling… but is evil, despicable, abominable and ungodly, and is obviously a lifestyle statement.


By Donald Bohanon