Gun violence has been getting a lot of press lately due to the Newtown elementary school shootings, and although a terrible incident gun violence is something that has plagued the inner cities of America for decades.The Newtown school shootings only brought attention to the problem because the shootings resulted in the deaths of several white suburban children, the crap hit the fan when that happened, and resulted in a national outcry and the call for efforts to  implement  gun control.


But the reality of the matter is gun violence has taken more lives of inner city youth than anything.The Newtown shootings although terrible pale in comparison to the amount of lives lost to gun violence in the inner cities. The sole solution unfortunately does not lie in stricter gun control laws in the inner cities, that would merely be a repackaging of the same failed drug enforcement policies that have resulted in the incarceration of millions of black youth and minorities over petty drug possession crimes which unfortunately only work to further undermine and destroy the black family and black and minority communities.


The only viable solution in my opinion is to get guns out of the hands of angry, hopeless, misguided black and minority  youth and reeducate them to offset the destructive brainwashing and corruption that is being cultivated through mass media. But not by the  mass incarceration of black youth for breaking newly implemented gun laws which focus on and target blacks and black youth, that would have disastrous consequences. Censor and control what’s being fed to them through the media in the form of music, music videos, television and movies that promote and encourage rebellion and defiance of the law and  promote violence and gun violence, all designed to increase incarceration rates of black and minority youth primarily. Create employment opportunities, and stop the influx of drugs into the inner cities and black and minority communities which further contributes to the blight and hopelessness that many suffer from in the inner cities. When you understand how damaging the  drug culture has been to black and minority communities and how much of the gun violence is being fueled by the economics of it, the prospect of drug legalization begins to look less unreasonable and more like a logical and wise approach to dealing with one aspect of  growing gun violence. But that’s certainly something that’s up for debate, legalization of marijuana would probably be a good idea, but legalization of the more powerful and addictive class A drugs  like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine,etc I wouldn’t recommend. The risk of widespread addiction is much to great.


Many unfortunately get caught up in the maze of drug use and distribution which further fuels violence and gun violence and increases incarceration rates and unfortunately much of that is by design. But woe unto those who have intentionally designed these policies  to undermine and destroy black and minority communities and black families, they will be dealt with painfully and terribly when they face God. It is certainly the belief by most that it must be  a comprehensive approach to deal with a problem that has unfortunately become multifaceted. Sadly if the problem is not quickly addressed it will grow more heads and facets that need to be dealt with, and that makes it all the more difficult to remedy.


I believe if these basic solutions are implemented you would see a major reduction in gun crimes and violence in general, but if just some of these measures are implemented gun violence I believe would decrease substantially. But the point is something needs to be done and unfortunately for America God has seen and had enough, if this issue along with working to outlaw the legalization of homosexual/lesbian marriage are not seriously addressed America will continue it’s descent from super power status to being reduced to the level of a third world nation, and then ultimately be destroyed from within and conquered from without.


By Donald Bohanon


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Jeremiah 12:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, saith the Lord.