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Video Of Tornado Damage Above Added February 29,2012

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Video Of Tornado Damage Above Added March 03, 2012
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Washington State Senate approves same-sex marriage bill
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In the photo above people can be seen crying and clapping as if this is some historic civil rights milestone.  But singing we shall overcome does not apply in this case, and many in their hearts know it. It appears that America needs another wake up call. Maybe its the serene weather that is lulling them into a false sense of security, or the false claims of economic recovery. There will be an increase in drought, tornadic activity and flooding once again, because the leaders/followers of this country have dared to defy God by passing perverse laws that will ultimately result in the physical and spiritual deaths of millions. As more and more people practice,embrace and support this filthy, ungodly way of life.
These blind pawns do not understand that they have not won a civil rights victory, this is not a victory over racial discrimination, but only an assurance that they will be held accountable on a physical and spiritual level for practicing and promoting a lifestyle that is condemned throughout scripture. Don’t count your chickens before they have hatched, don’t fall into a false sense of security, don’t think that everything is okay and will be okay,you do that to your own detriment, on the contrary, make preparations for the worse, get prepared for things to go very bad, because this is where we are heading.


As the leaders/conformist/followers of this nation take the nation in this perverse immoral direction, the wrath of God is approaching swiftly and I am convinced the unseasonably warm weather may be apart of that as well. Something is brewing. 1Thessalonians 5:1-4. Could it be that the unseasonably warm weather will bring an increase in new disease outbreaks and crop failures? And if so the unseasonably warm weather can most certainly be considered a destructive weather pattern if this is the case .

Warmer winters bring tick-infested springs – Latest news

Jan 20, 2012 – Warmer winters bring tick-infested springs. Disease-carrying pests don’t die off without extended cold snap. Article by: KEVIN GILES , Star


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    [51, 52] Warm winters followed by spring droughts are thought to have a role in the amplification of the West Nile virus.[53] Tick-borne diseases are the most
  • Agriculture…/us…/agriculture

    Crop diseases in general are likely to increase as earlier springs and warmer winters allow proliferation and higher survival rates of disease pathogens and

  • Stewart’s Wilt – Field Crop Diseases

    Conditions Favoring Disease. Warm winters and high corn flea beetle populations in spring; Susceptible inbreds and sweet corn; High levels of soil phosphorus

  • 6-1 wheat diseases

    How will the warm winter affect development of wheat diseases in 2006? Scout wheat fields early for potential diseases. During normal Nebraska winters, many

  • [PDF]

    Management of Pierce’s Disease in Texas

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    by J Kamas – Cited by 4Related articles
    unaffected by Pierce’s disease. The problem has escalated in the past 5 years, in part because of a series of warm winters that has accelerated the