A modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. God’s word is true when it emphasizes how filthy, addictive, and destructive homosexual sex is Romans 1:26-32. We at the TTPAS don’t know, nor do we have any association or affiliation with the guy in the video whatsoever.

But we came across this video and felt it important to post this information because it supports what I have been teaching for years. And that is the homosexual lifestyle controls, consumes, and destroys, anyone who is fully immersed in the lifestyle.  

This is a graphic and honest perspective coming from a practicing homosexual himself. I’m not surprised at all by this person’s honest assessment of the homosexual lifestyle because it’s what the bible clearly outlines. And God can’t and does not lie. And it’s the kind of sick behavior I have been writing about for several years.

The fact that this view of how addictive and destructive homosexual sex is, coming from the mouth of a homosexual man, further reinforces what God’s word teaches and what I have been saying and writing about for years. Warning the language in the video is graphic but honest and consistent with what the bible teaches about the filthy, ungodly behavior.

This man’s perspective is consistent with what I have been emphasizing for years and that is the lifestyle and behavior has nothing to do with love or anything wholesome and beneficial but is motivated by consuming perverted lust.

If you refuse to believe me or the bible believe what’s coming out of the mouth of a man who has intimate knowledge of the homosexual scene and community in Atlanta and the homosexual lifestyle in general.

And this is the lifestyle this nation seeks to promote and force other nations to accept and legalize all over the world. And it’s obviously having a major destructive impact on the Black community. Do you think maybe this is the reason why it’s being promoted so aggressively? Because it’s killing black men at an alarming rate? A type of covert form of mass genocide…..perhaps?

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