On October 21, 2013 New Jersey  legalizes same sex marriage, once again America has chosen to defy God by legalizing filthy behavior that is going to eventually lead to the physical and spiritual deaths of millions of individuals for supporting, promoting and practicing the filthy behavior, how many times do destructive weather events have to plague the country and citizens before they wake up and realize how offensive and repugnant the behavior is to almighty God, as God’s word says, and it is so true, you are truly a stiff-necked and obstinate people. The citizens of the nation as whole are equally  responsible because they support the behavior and in many cases write to their state and federal representatives encouraging them to work to legalize the filthy perversion, instead of writing to demand that the behavior be outlawed, so in that regard they are just as guilty.


Once again you will understand how offensive the behavior is to God  because you will be plagued and cursed with destructive weather once again, tornado’s, strong winds, blizzards, rain, snow and ice, to such degree that crops and economies are greatly impacted, and there will be a continuance of droughts, wildfires, floods and tornado’s in 2014 based on whether you continue to work to legalize the perversion in other states, then you will know that God reigns supreme over the universe  and every act of abominable evil, rebellion and defiance, will produce a destructive reaction, until you work aggressively to  outlaw the physically and spiritually destructive perversion that greatly angers God to the saving of your lives, souls and nation. New Jersey legalizes same sex marriage but it has not gone unnoticed nor will it go unpunished.



By Donald Bohanon