The NSA is accused of allegedly monitoring the phone calls of thirty five world leaders and if this is the case it gives a whole new meaning to the term being nosy.


The NSA under the Obama Administration has repeatedly claimed that they were not monitoring the calls of anyone but those of terrorist suspects but now it has come to light that they were not only monitoring calls of terrorist groups, but the calls of  their own allies. Wow, how embarrassing this must be?


And based on this very embarrassing episode, the whole world’s view must be changing about this present administrations trust worthiness. It has become quite obvious that the Obama Administration can’t be relied on to speak the truth about anything, because they seem to be lying about everything, “we don’t collect information about our citizens”, but it is later discovered that  they have been doing just that.


“We don’t collect information about our allies”, but it has been discovered that they have been doing just that. Based on how many times this Administration has been caught red handed with it’s hand in the cookie jar, frozen and wide eyed, how can we trust this President or Administration about anything  they say?


That makes one ponder what the real circumstances were surrounding the IRS debacle as well? Mr. President when God says he is going to curse the work of your hands that is what he means, I don’t say that in a gloating fashion just in hopes that you will open your eyes and understand how offensive your promotion of homosexual and lesbian marriage worldwide is to God.


And how he will continue to do what he said until you and the nation are brought low and embarrassed for the world to see, because of your obstinance  in accepting and the promotion of lifestyles that are extremely offensive to God. God does not make empty threats. The great God sits on the throne of the universe and he runs this show  and you  are just a pawn in the whole scheme of things.


The question is will you submit to the will of God and be blessed, or will you continue to be stiff necked and defiant, and ultimately brought low as God has done to all past, proud, defiant, evil, arrogant kings? The choice is yours Mr. President submit and be blessed or be defiant, be humbled and brought low, for the whole world to see.


They are now claiming that the President knew nothing about the spying,  but I find it hard to believe that the leader of the country never knows what’s going on in the country. I guess only when he wants to know? Or when it’s convenient for him to know? 


He claims that the buck stops with him but he never seems to know anything about these events when they come to the forefront. He didn’t know anything about Benghazi. He didn’t know anything about the IRS debacle. And now he doesn’t know anything about the NSA’s widespread abuse of power? I simply find that very hard to believe.


The NSA under the control of the Obama Administration says it only uses it’s surveillance capabilities to spy on terrorist organizations. But now the NSA  monitors the phone conversations of thirty five world leaders, and it’s own citizens, and quite possibly many other world leaders, and the citizens of those nations as well? You go figure.



By Donald Bohanon



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