Under the guise of  protector of internet security the NSA  is working to establish a system of policing the internet whereby all traffic can be monitored through a system  they set up. It is all centered around and based on claims that the internet is under great risk and can be used by foreign governments to infiltrate, undermine and threaten, national security. But the problem is the internet has been in existence for several years and there has been no significant breach of security because the NSA and other security agencies have systems in place to thwart any attempts by foreign governments or hackers to use the internet as a tool for espionage or sabotage. Systems that have proven very effective thus far.


So why  are they  now claiming that it is a serious threat to national security? It is obvious to me and many others that the Obama Administrations goals are  influencing the objectives of the NSA. National security is not the real issue here, the real objective is to police the internet and deny freedom of speech, just think about it?.  The internet is a powerful medium for communication, for one to voice their views on any subject, it can be used to powerfully and effectively communicate a message to millions of people worldwide.


That can present a real problem for world leaders, politicians, etc, who want to present an image and communicate a message effectively without being opposed and contradicted, by contradicting and opposing viewpoints. A message is much more effectively communicated when you don’t have opposing viewpoints  that undermine that message. You may have a presidential candidate who wants to convey a message about how his views, ideas and policies, can benefit a society and nation, and you may have a biased media  that  fully supports this candidates views, and who are willing to give him as much airtime as possible to get that message across. The problem is his  policies  in his eyes  may be  for the betterment of society, but in reality those views may be twisted and very destructive.


The chances of this world leader or politician  implementing those destructive very damaging policies becomes more of a reality because we don’t have other sources of unbiased media from the common man for example, with very little finances at his or her disposal to communicate the truth. This unfair access to media and other effective forms of communication is almost dictatorial in a sense because it hands over all power to the corrupt media, and to corrupt politicians, and only those forms of media who share this individuals destructive, distorted views, to broadcast and spread his lies and very destructive messages. And this media  gives him all the airtime he needs to broadcast those twisted, very damaging and distorted views.


But in comes the Internet a very powerful medium that can be used by  knowledgeable, wise individuals and groups, to expose this persons policies for the destructive and very damaging policies that they really are. It is an effective, powerful  platform of communication, that would not normally be available to anyone who doesn’t have a big bank account. This essentially levels the playing field which essentially gives the common man a voice, and the ability to effectively  broadcast the uncensored truth and expose  all the lies and hyperbole.


Now if you were the powerful world leader or  politician, etc, who has a powerful, biased media source at his disposal, to effectively spread lies, deceptions, and distortions of the truth and facts. Wouldn’t you be upset that there was an effective form of communication and a platform out there that leveled the playing field and exposed you for the liar, deceiver and destroyer that you really are? And wouldn’t  it be prudent and to your benefit to try and police that form of communication to insure that honest, truthful, opposing views were censored before they reached the masses and exposed your lies and deceptions? I know it doesn’t sound like freedom and freedom of speech because these are the very things that are being attacked and undermined by the present administration.  And these are just some of  the reasons why it is in the best interest of this administration to work to police the internet in order to silence opposition. Effectively giving the green light to the liars and deceivers to proceed unopposed with their lies and deceptions.


This is exactly what the far left liberal Obama Administration hopes to accomplish. And the NSAs desire to police the internet under the phoney guise of  defender of the internet and national security is just one example of how they are working to accomplish that. Simply by destroying basic American freedoms and labeling it a fight against terrorism and terrorist activity. This is something that must never be allowed to happen, in truth this  is a bigger threat to national security than anything  because it allows perverse men and women in positions of power to freely communicate their destructive viewpoints  and implement their destructive policies unopposed. Which is certain to undermine and destroy societies by promoting and spreading perverse, immoral viewpoints, policies and behaviors, which is sure to bring the destructive judgment and punishment of God upon any nation that embraces, practices and promotes, these distorted, destructive, anti God policies and views.


Give the NSA  a finger and they will take a hand, give them an arm and they will take the torso, until they have accomplished their goal of  censoring and acquiring full control of the internet. Completely destroying and undermining basic American freedoms all while  being led and greatly influenced by the far left liberal Obama administration, while deceptively labeling it as  a fight against terrorism.


And the NSA may even intentionally allow a controlled  moderate internet security breach or two,  and falsely claim that it was a major internet security breach that compromised very sensitive government information to help bolster that phoney, deceptive argument, to assist them in securing complete control of the internet. Something that will have a major impact on the lives  and businesses of many that depend on the internet for their communications and livelihoods.As well as thwarting the efforts those who seek to spread the truth and expose the lies. Be on the look out and keep your eyes wide open, write your congressman and senators and voice your opposition to this freedom destroying deceptive ploy.


NSA-Internet at great risk needs security system


By Donald Bohanon