2 Corinthians 11:13-15: Another Prominent False Minister Exposed As A Homosexual.

I have heard of this guy and have heard him speak a time or two and when I did hear him speak in a couple of videos I immediately felt he was involved in the homosexual/bisexual lifestyle. That feeling was the result of watching a video he was promoting that was basically trying to justify homosexuality.

That immediately raised a red flag. The fact that he was a false minister teaching a false unbiblical doctrine didn’t help either and only reinforced my belief. Not to mention the fact that the guy just looked strange and creepy. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a false homosexual minister.

The truth of the matter is many of these false ministers are secretly engaged in homosexual and bisexual behavior. But the difference is many of them actually support and promote homosexuality and falsely teach that to embrace and support the lifestyle is an act of love and biblical. Unlike this false minister in question. But in reality, that is completely unbiblical.

But false homosexual and bisexual ministers come in different shapes sizes and colors and vary in their position about where they stand as it relates to supporting or not supporting the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle. Some speak out against it as a cover to really hide the fact that they secretly engage in it. And others wholeheartedly embrace support and promote it and falsely suggest that it’s an act of love.

But the primary identifying factors that expose them as false ministers are their unrestrained abominable sin and the doctrine they teach which is completely contrary to what the Bible teaches. And that is that keeping the word of God and the ten commandments is not necessary and that we are under grace and because of it we can sin freely and break the ten commandments and transgress the word of God without worry. And they teach that Sunday is God’s sabbath day all of which is completely unbiblical.

Because they refuse to acknowledge or keep the ten commandments and word of God they are disqualified from receiving the Holy Spirit which makes it virtually impossible for them to live a life of righteousness consistent with what God and the Bible require.

Acts 5:32, John 14:15-17, 1 John 2:2-6. Not to mention the fact that without the Holy Spirit it will be impossible to allow the Bible to properly interpret itself. There are also other identifying traits that you should look for to determine if a false minister or a person is secretly homosexual or bisexual that I outline in one of my Q&A sessions regarding homosexuality.

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