I Need To Address This.

There are some neighbors who recently moved in next door. The house is nice and well kept because the owner who they rent from keeps it that way. But these particular neighbors are a bit strange. Initially, It appeared that just a guy and his Hispanic girlfriend lived there and their kids. Until all kinds of different people started popping up. At one point I think at least 7 people resided there.

But there was an incident that happened recently that was disturbing, to say the least. There is a young lady who also stays there with her son. One day just recently I pulled up to my house after grocery shopping and the young man appeared very friendly and spoke as I got out of the car. The kid has to be around 6-7 somewhere around that age. He likes to ride up and down the block on his bike. He appears to be a very nice kid.

The sidewalk at the end of my property line was recently blocked by builders who left some slabs of concrete there after doing some work on my fence in front of the house. We had to rebuild the fence to a lower level because the city said it was violating the city code. But I chose to leave them in front of the house as a way to prevent the young man from traveling to the end of the block where a homosexual resides who is extremely nosy and stays in the window on his enclosed patio tucked in the shadows, lying, spying and gossiping, like homosexuals do Romans 1:18-32.

So I chose to keep those bricks there as a way to prevent the young man from traveling down to the end of the block to prevent the homosexual from preying on him which I’m convinced he is dying to do. He puts on a front like he is nice and neighborly but has been staying at that house for decades from my understanding as the secret sex partner of the man who owned it previously but is now renting it I think after the man died and his wife died mysteriously soon afterward.

But he sits tucked back off in the dark on that enclosed patio spying, lying, gossiping, and spreading rumors something he has been doing for some time. And let me emphasize I don’t know the guy and have never even had a conversation with him.

If I wasn’t so fearful of God and committed to the lifestyle he has called me to live I would have dealt with the lying, slandering, cowardly, sexual deviant my own way years ago. And he would have been worthy of it.

But don’t read into that statement what you want to because you don’t know what I meant when I said ‘I would have dealt with him my own way’. But it certainly has nothing to do with anything sexual. That’s something you can count on.

Because sexual deviants will certainly try to twist the statement that way. That’s why it’s important that you never give an ear to the words these very evil, disturbed, and misguided individuals have to say. If you listen to them you are a fool.

But God requires that we be patient and longsuffering and let him fight our battles for us, and is watching him and I’m sure is on the brink of punishing the evil behavior and won’t tolerate it for much longer. Deuteronomy 32:39-43, Psalms 7:11-17,  Psalm 37:1-40, Psalm 101:5-7, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9, Galatians 5:10. But this particular day when I pulled up to my house to unload my groceries there were several people out in front of the house they were renting. Several young ladies and a guy or two.

But the young lady’s son who I mentioned earlier no sooner than I stepped out of the vehicle said hello and began to speak. So I spoke back. He then asked me what my name was so I told him. As I was going back and forth from the car to the house unloading groceries he kept speaking while calling me by my name. But around the last trip as I was coming out of the house off camera and going to the car, he blew a kiss at me. I immediately told the young man off camera that is not how young men greet men. So he needed to stop. So he immediately stopped.

But I also noticed that he was strategically positioned in front of their camera standing on the sidewalk while doing it. I found that strange and peculiar. My first thought was what are they teaching this young man that he would be blowing a kiss at an adult male who he doesn’t even know? That made me question what kind of guidance he was getting and what is exactly taking place in that house. I know kids can be rambunctious and do strange things as kids do so we have to take that into account as well.

But my second thought was are they trying to paint a false picture to make it seem like something perverted and inappropriate was going on? Because homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians are just cowardly, extremely evil, diabolical people, as God’s word emphasizes. Especially if they know you are actively exposing the evil that behavior produces. Or if they are sexually attracted to you and view you as a possible way to satisfy their perverted sexual lust.

And as many sick examples of what that behavior produces that are covered in the news, expose, and reveal as well. Not to mention what I have witnessed with my own eyes on a few occasions, from a distance. And I think a bisexual and a lesbian or two may reside at that residence. But unfortunately for them, it ends painfully and terribly when they face God if they don’t repent/stop the behavior altogether.

And the reason I’m writing this is to dispel any twisted narrative that they may be trying to create by emphasizing strongly that I don’t know the young man at all and have never encountered him until that particular day to set the record straight.

Just as a way to counter any diabolical narrative they may be trying to create as a result of that situation. But the question that really needs to be asked is what are they teaching that young man in that house that they would be okay with him blowing kisses at men?

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