By Donald Bohanon posted…. 4/15/2020


Every time there’s a significant crisis or issue that’s impacting the nation it appears rich liberal elite egomaniacs and celebrities always rush to the forefront and try to take credit for being the solution or claim they predicted the events before they even happened. 


And now Bill Gates appears to be doing the same while Ellen Degeneres acts as his dishonest cheerleader. The truth of the matter is God has prophesied these events would take place before Bill Gates even existed.


God has been delivering a warning message that emphasized the reality of plague-ridden societies as a result of sin through his ancient and present-day prophets and servants, centuries and decades before Bill Gates even thought of it.


And I’m convinced he may have even been secretly listening to those warnings himself but now tries to take credit for it. In fact, Bill Gates wouldn’t be here had it not been for God.


I get the part that he wants to help try and mitigate a very dangerous and costly crisis but trying to take center stage as the predictor and solution to what ails the world without any critical spiritual insight is quite arrogant, ridiculous, and futile, in my opinion.


The filthy rich elites always want to lay claim to being the only ones who can be relied on to rectify the situation while at the same time taking no responsibility for their own actions which have and are contributing to what we as a nation are going through today.


They refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for the fact that their practicing and promotion of perverse sexual behavior among other things are real contributors and reasons why America is suffering through this calamity.


They refuse to take responsibility for and acknowledge that their lust and greed are some of the primary reasons America and other nations are suffering as they are.


They will normally argue until they are blue in the face, that it’s not the fact that men are engaging in perverse sexual behavior with other men. And that women are engaging in perverse sexual behavior with other women. That God powerfully condemns and has warned centuries in advance would lead to what we are going through now.


I can assure you they won’t be the solution to what ails America, but their unrelenting stance on these offensive practices will be what results in the fall and destruction of America. Ellen Degeneres and many others like her are the problem, and not the solution.


Bill Gates may offer what appears to be logical solutions but when you examine them they’re riddled with freedom destroying measures and suggestions. Which makes you wonder what their real motives are? But if they don’t include departing from abominable sinful behavior they will be futile.


As long as wealthy individuals like Bill Gates and Ellen Degeneres practice, support, and promote, these behaviors they will always be the problem and they themselves won’t be able to escape the destruction from the hand of an angry God that’s rapidly descending on this nation and others.


Their wealth won’t save them and they will eventually be victims as well. Turning from the abominable sins is the only way to stop God’s fierce wrath from consuming and destroying whole civilizations and nations. 


Not listening to wealthy Ego Maniacs who openly and proudly defy God and who offer temporary solutions, which don’t take into account the underlying behavior that’s the primary catalyst for the problems we as a nation and other nations are suffering through today. I hate to sound like a pessimist but even if God allows you to get over this hurdle there will be more coming. 


They like to always emphasize science but refuse to acknowledge that science has to be based in truth, and reality, and that ethical, honest, science has a spiritual component that governs it.


And that you can’t rectify spiritual matters with physical or scientific solutions exclusively. The more you refuse to acknowledge the spiritual component that supercedes and governs the physical realm and every other aspect of the Universe the more misguided and misdirected you will be.


The answer to this problem won’t come from arrogant, egotistical, self-glorifying elites. It will only come from respecting and acting on God’s word in relation to the abominable behaviors that greatly offend and anger him.


I have even heard the ignorant and arrogant go as far as attributing this calamity to an angry Earth. LOL. As opposed to an angry God who created, controls, and governs the Earth’s actions and functions?


I guess it’s easier for them to lie to themselves and dismiss God. And is more convenient, strokes and coddles, their egos, and superiority complexes, to exalt themselves, by dismissing God and deeming him insignificant. 


Their solution and goal, is, to remove God out of the picture in hopes of promoting and advancing an anti-God society which will prove to be their undoing. Obedience to God is the solution in relation to the abominable sins he commands us to reject.


Not obedience to arrogant, egotistical, liberal elites who are working to advance a radical anti-God agenda by way of a pandemic. An agenda that seeks to legalize pedophilia and many other twisted, deranged ungodly and unbiblical forms of behaviors.


As the legalization and justification of homosexual and lesbian marriage and behavior has been the catalyst for it all. Under the cloak of a false humility while in reality displaying satanic pride evidenced by the fact they proudly and openly defy “God ” the “Supreme Authority”. By practicing, promoting, and supporting, abominable rebellion, against him.


They think they will find safety and protection (when God’s full wrath descends) while engaging in their abominable sin because of their immense wealth and good works. But although a part of righteousness good works are not righteousness itself.


And wealth has never, throughout history, delivered the wicked in the day of God’s wrath. And it won’t this time. God’s wrath is going to eat up their wealth, increase, and abundance like swarms of locusts devour healthy crops.


And they will eventually be groveling in the dirt, rubbing shoulders with and suffering affliction with the destitute, broken, smitten and stricken. God’s wrath is going to consume them as well if they don’t repent because many of them are the problem evidenced by what they promote, support, and practice.


Only righteousness/ (departing from all forms of sin the Bible condemns and obeying all of God’s instruction) delivers from death. Continuing to work to promote and normalize filthy, corrupting, destructive, behavior that enrages God will never end well for any nation.

Proverbs 10:2
King James Version (KJV)
2 Treasures of wickedness profit nothing: but righteousness delivereth from death.


Proverbs 11:4
King James Version (KJV)
4 Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.


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