Revelation 13:16-17–Bill Gates With “Mark Of The Beast” Ambitions?: Trump’s AG Barr ‘Very Concerned’ After Bill Gates Proposes Mandatory Digital Vaccine Certificates.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci: unelected destroyers of freedom ... 

Microsoft founder Bill Gates (right) has reportedly mandated “digital certificates” that will identify all who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.


Gates has spent billions on coronavirus vaccine development. He stepped down from Microsoft’s board to focus on the development of his vaccines.


 According to reports, Gates believes vaccines can be used to reduce childhood mortality and ultimately reduce population growth.

Attorney General William Barr is among those concerned about Gates’ proposal for a digital certificate to show who has recovered or been tested recently.


Barr said he was “very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty.”


Barr added he is concerned about “the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.”


REUTERS said Gates mentioned the possibility of implantable “digital certificates which can show who has been tested for the coronavirus and who has been vaccinated against it.


The digital certificates would be “microchip implants” that contain personal health records of each individual “to create an open source digital platform with the goal of expanding access to safe, home-based testing.”


White House coronavirus task force members Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx both have ties to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that funded the research for the vaccines and digital certificates.


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