Q&A: What Would You Do If You Had A Homosexual Son?

Question: What Would You Do If You Had A Homosexual Son?

Donald Bohanon: Exactly what God instructs me to do. Although I don’t believe that a child is born gay but if he went through a phase where he expressed an interest in boys as a result of propaganda or indoctrination.

Or maybe because of some chemical imbalance in the brain, or some perverted spiritual influence, etc, he would be well informed about how I and God feel about the behavior. I would work to guide him in the right direction using God’s word and legitimate, reliable, trustworthy, unbiased, psychological, sociological, medical, and scientific information. I would let him know that the behavior has serious physical and spiritual consequences.

I would keep him away from any forms of sexual indoctrination whether at school or at home. He would be forbidden to associate with members of the LGBTQ community. Computer use and phone use would be limited to studies or some other productive activity. He would be made to understand he couldn’t speak about it to his brothers or sisters or influence them in any way to support, promote, or practice it.

He would be forbidden to behave in a feminine way around others while being a boy. He would be required to dress like a young man and behave like a young man. Any forms of feminine gesturing and mannerisms would be strongly condemned and forbidden. etc, etc, etc.

I’m convinced providing the proper spiritual and physical guidance education and prayer would get him back on the right track. I’m a firm believer in God’s word when it says if you raise up a child in the way he should go he will not depart from it when he’s old. I’m convinced, unfortunately, that this is also something the gay community understands and is using the same philosophy to pervert children at a young age. This is why they want to teach sexual perversions to kids in school.

But if my son decides to recklessly and foolishly pursue that lifestyle any way while disobeying my rules he would be required to find his own place while at an age of responsibility. To also find a job so he could support himself. I would pay for his rent for up to 4 months until he could secure a job to pay his own bills. At that point, he would be on his own and I would love him from a distance while praying daily asking God to guide him so that he would find his way back to the righteous path.

He would have the ability to contact me whenever he needed me. And I would be there for him in financially desperate times. But God’s word and what it requires would never be compromised not even for my son. So I would certainly not be enabling or supporting him in that corrupting and destructive behavior while calling it love.

He would understand thoroughly how evil and destructive it is. And how much God despises it. And the consequences of practicing it. But he would always know that I love him, but completely reject and condemn the lifestyle. And my position regarding it is unwavering because I love him.

He would understand for me to support and encourage that behavior would be tantamount to condemning him to physical and spiritual death. And that’s not an act of love but an act of hate, betrayal, and treachery. The first initial steps I feel would be effective in guiding most children away from perverse homosexual and lesbian behavior, etc, if done correctly and early.

Not just children going through a phase. Why? Because obedience to God’s commandments and word with faith and prayer and the proper trustworthy, reliable, unbiased, psychological, scientific, medical, and sociological, information is very, very, very, powerful and a game-changer. Combine that with physical and spiritual knowledge and the fear of God and it takes it to another level.

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