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Many in the rap community like to promote themselves as tough alpha males who keep it 100. But how can you claim to be tough and an alpha male who keeps it 100 when you fold fast in the face of backlash because you speak the truth about a very important issue that is actually destroying your own children? And how can you claim to be a man when you wont even protect or fight for your own children? When it’s obvious that the homosexual and lesbian community are coming to molest them and turn them into sexual deviants and perverts?


Where does the  toughness reside in an individual who cowers in the face of backlash from the gay community simply because he speaks the truth by emphasizing, in so many words, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism, and pedophilia, are wrong on another level?


I’m not a fan of gangster rap music in general specifically in this second chapter of my life ( but I have to admit I did listen to it at one point)  but I do admire the courage of rapper Boosie for speaking the truth as it relates to this critical and very destructive issue which is the widespread promotion and advancement of the LGBTQ agenda. And their goal of bringing children and anyone else they can into their twisted, evil, clutches.


The writing is on the wall and it’s so clear that even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see it. The homosexual lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and pedophile, communities sole objective is to pervert all children not just some of them. They are presently working hard behind the scenes to legalize pedophilia so that the children who already reside in the homes of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders, will be fair game for them.


Simply put, there will be no consequences for molesting children in their custody once pedophilia is legalized and this is the goal they’re working towards accomplishing. Boosie is absolutely right when suggesting they seek to popularize the lifestyle with popular rap artists because they know many of the fans admire the rap artists so much they will embrace whatever the rappers tell them to. This in turn has a major impact and effect on the children as they will begin to embrace and practice this very corrupting and destructive lifestyle.


The homosexual community has already been successful in getting major artists and rappers like Kanye West, and Jay Z, for instance, and other celebrities on board by enriching them even more than they are now. You have other rappers and celebrities who are actually grooming their sons and daughters to embrace and practice homosexual behavior.


Many of these artists have sold out for money. They have sold their souls. So they will embrace anything as long as the price is right. But there is no pot of gold  at the end of the rainbow ( God’s rainbow that is, and not how the LGBTQ has perverted God’s rainbow) for embracing and promoting these behaviors  when its all said and done.


Only a fiery ending for those who would rebel against God in abominable ways by supporting and promoting these corrupting, destructive, abominable practices. Boosie, in many respects, shines as a beacon of light on a hill in the rap community as it relates to this issue. As he refuses to conform to and accept something he knows in his heart is wrong on another level.


Even when faced with persecution from companies for his position. I would encourage him to be steadfast in his position never wavering because this is what real men do. Many other so called tough, alpha male, rappers who wont even fight for their own children in the face of this advancing evil would do well to emulate Boosies stance on this issue. I’m certain it will benefit them when they face God in the judgment.


Rappers wield a lot of influence and if they would only exercise a small amount of courage and character as it relates to speaking the truth about these issues a lot of good could be accomplished. It’s just sad that so many of them would sell out their own community and even their own children for a dollar. Respect to rapper Bossie. Keep standing!


The only way they will follow you is if you lead, but lead in the right direction in regards to this issue and hopefully other issues in the future.  Rapper “Da Baby” is just another in a long list of entertainers who have been victims of the LGBTQ cancel culture. But like so many others before him who have folded like books under pressure will he fold also while at the same time claiming to be an alpha male and tough? 


Will he display courage like Boosie? Or will he fold like so many others in the face of growing pressure from individuals who actually, willingly, take penis up the anus while at the same time calling themselves real men? Will he allow phony, broken, men to bully him into compliance all while claiming to be a real man himself? Once you you lay down and comply to their demands they will seek to completely control what you say and do because they see the cowardice in you.


Don’t be surprised if they start requiring that all rappers wear pink thongs with the backside out to perform at certain venues. Gyrating and twerking in an ultra perverted feminine fashion while claiming to be real men all at the same time. I can see the new woke, progressive, rap names now. Names like Loose booty Louie gang, gang.   Gang banged Bobbie and all his menses. Bust a anus. Trap Boy Tony the testicle tickler. Peter the penis pirate. Paul the poop packer, and many more, etc. Once you comply to their demands they will seek to force you to submit to other levels of compliance. It never really stops.


This behavior simply breeds more perversion. Just look at some of the many examples on this site of homosexuals/bisexuals/lesbians/ transgenders/pedophiles, raping,  molesting, lying, slandering, etc, to satisfy their ravenous appetites for perverse sexual gratification.


You allowed them to legalize homosexual marriage without a fight now look at what they are trying to do to your children. If you don’t organize and fight back you and your children will eventually be forced into the homosexual sphere of control and forced to do anything they want you to do even sacrificing your sons and daughters on the homosexual altar. Just giving them up to be raped, molested, and turned out.



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