EXCLUSIVE: Read The Troubling Story Of How Trans Activists ‘Groomed’ Girl, 17, Before She Was Helped To Transition Into A Man After A ONE-HOUR ‘Gender Clinic’ Consultation… And At 21 She Wants To Be FEMALE Again.

  • Tanya became transgender at the age of 18 after consulting a gender clinic
  • She checked herself into a mental hospital three years later amid suicide fears
  • After years of hormone treatment, Tanya now struggles to be the girl she was 
  • Tanya’s mum says she was ‘groomed and kidnapped’ by transgender community 
  • Transgender activists urged Tanya to ditch her parents, helped pay for surgery
  • Tanya deeply regrets decision after being ‘manipulated’ by trans community


PUBLISHED: 11:50 EDT, 18 May 2022 | UPDATED: 19:09 EDT, 18 May 2022

A troubled teenage girl who was provided drugs to transition into a man after an hour-long consultation at a ‘gender clinic’ is now fighting to reclaim her adult life as a woman. 

Tanya, not her real name, changed genders at the age of 18 while dealing with bi-polar, autism, anxiety and depression

Now aged 21, the still young woman struggles with suicidal thoughts every day as she works to reverse the transition process. The girl, 17, was allegedly provided drugs to gender reassign after a one-hour consult

The girl, 17, was allegedly provided drugs to gender reassign after a one-hour consult  

A text message sent by Tanya to her mother amid claims she  was ‘groomed’ by transgender community

Tanya’s devastated mum Judith Hunter blames sections of the transgender community for bending her daughter’s fragile mind to suit their agenda. 

Ms Hunter told Daily Mail Australia her daughter was ‘beguiled, groomed and kidnapped’ by the transgender community.

‘There will be a tsunami of kids like our daughter,’ she warned.

‘It is like being brainwashed in a cult and if you don’t go along with it you are punished.’When I went to the hospital the next day and asked to see my daughter, I was told I had a son and there was a male name above her bed 

Tanya took the hormone testosterone for 18 months and was later supported by the trans community with crowdfunding to raise money for breast removal.

Three years after her journey to manhood began, Tanya admitted herself into a mental hospital on the verge of suicide. 

Ms Hunter said her daughter begged her to help save her from what she had become.

By then, the testosterone that had pumped through her veins had wrought irreversible effects on Tanya’s body.

Her voice had deepened, her hairline receded and she had a significant redistribution of body fat. 

Tanya’s female body had become masculine, including a massive increase of body and facial hair. 

She now suffered ongoing vaginal atrophy and dryness, causing her significant pain and requiring constant medication.

Ms Hunter claimed her daughter’s story was not unique, with countless other parents sharing their horror stories with her. 

‘The parents who say, “no it’s not the right thing to do” are (attacked) by the kids and the online sites tell them to turn their back on their family. “Get rid of your family. We are your family now”,’ she said. 

When Ms Hunter discovered the myriad of transgender videos and websites Tanya had been viewing online, she was horrified.The transgender community has been accused of capturing the minds of troubled teens

The transgender community has been accused of capturing the minds of troubled teens 


Tanya’s mobile phone was littered with text messages from a militant transgender activist. 

‘Snip, snip the motherf**kers. Get rid of them’, one read – in reference to Tanya cutting off her parents.

When Judith Hunter’s husband messaged back asking him to stop contacting his daughter, the activist laughed. 

Determined to see the troubled teen transition, the activist contributed money to Tanya’s GoFundMe page for her ‘top surgery’.

‘They are bold as brass. They behave like thugs,’ Ms Hunter said.

The activist admitted to Daily Mail Australia they had sent a meme.

‘It was like an online manual, what to do, what to say, how to treat your parents and tell them you are suicidal, so you’ll end up in hospital where you’ll be affirmed by hospital staff who will turn on your parents and take your side,’ she said.

The Newcastle mum, north of Sydney in New South Wales, said while her daughter had struggled for three years through high school after being diagnosed with bi-polar, autism, anxiety and depression, she had no history of gender dysphoria.

Tanya’s trans nightmare began in year 11 when her mother was forced to take her to a psychiatrist after she threatened suicide. 

The doctor immediately told the worried mum to take Tanya straight to hospital, where she was admitted to the mental health ward.

‘When I went to the hospital the next day and asked to see my daughter, I was told I had a son and there was a male name above her bed,’ Ms Hunter said.

‘I said ‘this is ridiculous’ and was then called a hateful parent, bigoted and transphobic. I was told I had a live son and a dead daughter.’

The hospital referred Tanya to the John Hunter Hospital and after just two short appointments, allegedly without her parent’s consent, Tanya was put on testosterone.

Juiced-up on the drugs, Ms Hunter claimed Tanya became so abusive her 14-year-old brother would curl up in the foetal position on the floor begging for her to stop.

‘It was like living in a war zone,’ she said. ‘It has decimated our family.’

Over the next three years Tanya lived in filthy student accommodation or with a group of transgender people.

In December last year, she contacted her mum and asked to come home.

‘She was deeply suicidal. It was the realisation that even though she’d stopped testosterone for 18 months that things weren’t going to go back to the way they were,’ Ms Hunter said. 

Even while back in the safety of her own home, Ms Hunter claimed the trans community refused to let her go and had continued to harass her family.

‘People would have no idea what we have been through since she’s been home,’ she said.

‘Tanya was suicidal because she didn’t want to live with what she had done to her body. She deeply regrets it.’

Ms Hunter remains livid the Newcastle clinic that treated her daughter continued to ignore her concerns.  

‘We went and knocked on their door. Finally, two doctors came out. They said they are not an emergency service. It was like talking to a brick wall,’ she said. 

‘The medical professionals who are telling teenage girls to have double mastectomies before they have reached adulthood are evil. 

‘Telling our girls that being uncomfortable in puberty is a ‘medical condition’ have lost their moral and ethical compass. A generation of young people are being harmed and failed.’Trans groups have been accused of bullying the parents of troubled kids

Trans groups have been accused of bullying the parents of troubled kidsPride and Trans flags sit atop of city buildings

Pride and Trans flags sit atop of city buildings 


2016-2018: Tanya suffers serious mental health issues

October 2018: Announces she was a boy

Admitted to hospital and immediately affirmed by staff and referred to endocrinologist

November 2018: Tanya turns 18 and books first endocrinologist appointment for December

March 2019: Tanya begins taking testosterone and moves out of home

August 2020: Stops testosterone 

Early 2021: Starts Gofundme to pay for operation.

November 2021: Tanya returns home for three weeks before leaving again in December

January 2022: Calls mum to say she was in a mental health ward and needed to come home

Ms Hunter compared sections of the transgender community to an ‘online cult’, which had infiltrated the medical profession.

‘It is a horrific medical scandal.’

President of the National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists, Professor Philip Morris AM, told Daily Mail Australia there had been an explosion in presentations of rapid onset gender dysphoria in the past five years – especially among young women presenting to be trans males.

‘The problem is many of the early adolescents don’t have a long history of gender issues going back to their early childhood. Many of these young adolescents are coming forward without a history of gender issues,’ Professor Morris said.

Professor Dianna Kenny – a psychologist specialising in children – said it was a ‘negligent and irresponsible practice of medicine’ to approve cross-sex hormones on young people after a brief assessment.

‘You don’t subject young people to life changing and irreversible treatment without exploring all possible ideologies and options before resorting to radical, off label treatment of young people,’ she said. 

Professor Kenny said there needed to be radical oversight of gender clinics and more gateways and protections for young people.

‘It’s a medical scandal aided and abetted by the family court and woke politicians too gutless to speak out,’ she said. 

‘We are now seeing the long-term outcomes with tens of thousands of people wanting to de-transition who have had double mastectomies and cross sex hormones that have changed their body for the rest of their lives.’

Trans group ACON was contacted by Daily Mail Australia for comment. 

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