You couldn’t even properly govern and coordinate your own small city, how can you hope to properly govern and coordinate a big nation with a crisis of this magnitude?


You did nothing for blacks and you will be primarily focused on advancing the homosexual agenda if ever elected president.


You, your ideas, and your agenda, regarding homosexual marriage and sexual relations between men and men are the reason this crisis is coming upon this nation and the world.


You are the problem. How can you be the solution and the problem at the same time?  And if you or any other Democratic presidential candidate ever occupy the office of the presidency promoting those same ungodly views and working to advance the same ungodly agenda what you see now is mild compared to what will come upon this country and the world.


And you are not a Christian you give Christianity a bad name. So stop promoting that lie before God gets tired of hearing you say it and does something about it. You are an enemy and a hater of God evidenced by what you practice and promote. Romans 1:26-32. 

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A Message To Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg.

If American citizens are wise they will work to ensure you nor any other Democratic presidential candidate ever occupies that office. The eloquent words and fake cloak of compassion and humility don’t hide and or cloak your agenda. Like the Bible says Satan always comes as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


And the only thing that will be going into the history books is you and everyone and everything that promotes, supports, and follows your extreme, radical, homosexual agenda. Let the fools put their faith in you or any other radical, extremist, liberal /democratic or republican candidate who supports these twisted, ungodly, views if they want. God is watching.


Homo Christianity:A New Age,End Time,Satanic Doctrine And Deception.




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A Message To Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg.


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