Question: As it relates to what you said about animals not being homosexual because they operate on instinct. So an ape that makes and uses tools to get food is their instinct and not thought process? Or the dolphins that rape other smaller males, or females or rape seals? It’s all instinct to rape another species? But not a thought process. And the Earth is only 6-8 thousand years old, right?


Donald Bohanon: Apes using tools to get food has more to do with trial and error, observation, and repetition,  as opposed to an elevated consciousness and intelligence. 

The other statements you made are simply misinformation and exaggerating what you have heard and taking it out of context, to paint a false picture to deceptively help validate your point, so it’s not really worthy of a response.

Animals can certainly learn through trial and error, observation, and repetition. That’s actually how most animals domesticated and wild are trained. The process of learning in the wild is based on the same concept, trial and error, observation, and repetition.

But to suggest that animals are making conscious decisions to have sex with other animals of the same gender, and are sexually attracted to other animals based on that, is absolutely stupid.

That’s a baseless, bogus, unsubstantiated argument. And studies performed by biased, pro-gay, and or gay scientists and doctors, are biased, unethical, and worthless.

The fact of the matter is no one can justify the moral efficacy, and acceptability of one man inserting his penis in another man’s anus, for the sole purpose of perverse sexual gratification. It’s simply above and beyond disgusting.

Anus that’s full of stinking, toxic, infectious feces. That act has nothing to do with love or genetics but is simply based on perverted lust and those who practice it being enslaved and shackled by that perverted lust.

Homosexuality is not genetic it is the result of childhood molestation in most cases. And Pedophilia is a result of that same molestation because many homosexuals and lesbians who’ve been molested eventually grow up to prey on children themselves, the same way they were preyed upon.

Some instances are also a result of manipulation by the homosexual community, who exploit the desperate financial, emotional, and psychological situations, of millions of individuals, by using money and other tactics and strategies, to draw and manipulate men and women into conforming to the filthy lifestyle.

A person’s own curiosity unfortunately is another thing which eventually results in participation and enslavement to the lust, perversion, and perverse pleasure, because of continued participation.

The same applies to any other filthy, destructive behavior, do it often and long enough and it becomes a filthy destructive habit that’s hard to shake or break.

The filthy perverse act of men having sex with men, and women having sex with women is no different. Filthy behavior that if fully embraced, accepted and legalized, unfortunately, is going to lead to the fall and destruction of this nation, and the physical and spiritual destruction of millions for supporting, promoting, and practicing it.

And the earth is much older than 6-8 thousand years. That estimation is in the context of the creation of man and the rulership of man on the earth, not the creation of the earth. Earth may have existed millions of years before the advent of man. Also, See –Are they really born that way?