Question: There are numerous instances of homosexual activity among different animal species within the animal kingdom that is proof alone that homosexuality is genetic and not learned behavior. So why do you claim that homosexuals are not born homosexual?


Donald Bohanon: Animals act on instinct they don’t make conscious decisions like humans. Therefore if an animal is engaged in sex with another animal of the same sex it is not based on a conscious sexual attraction, but only on raw animal sexual desire, and instinct. That is why dogs hump legs, fire hydrants, car tires, socks, shoes, stuffed animals, streams of water, clothing, and apparel, strong gusts of wind, etc. 

A dog will even hump a box of captain crunch cereal. Does that make the dumb animal a practicing, conscious, cereal sexual? They will even hump air to get rid of stored up sexual energy. How many times have you witnessed that?

It does not make the animal an aware practicing air sexual because of it. Or a fire hydrant sexual if he humps a fire hydrant. Or a shoe sexual if he humps a shoe.

It’s merely raw animal sexual energy, being released on anything that is in reach, as opposed to a conscious sexual attraction to another animal of the same sex.

If an animal is in heat it will in many cases try to have sex with virtually anything it can, to alleviate that sexual energy. Dogs and other animals do it all the time.

That does not make the animal a conscious, practicing homosexual, because the animal (which probably really doesn’t know what it is doing) humps another animal of the same sex, and is simply trying to reach a climax to get rid of stored sexual energy. 

It’s purely instinctual, raw animal sexual desire, and energy that it’s trying to satisfy or get rid of. The claim that animals are conscious practicing homosexuals is really one of the most stupid arguments I have heard to date.

And is just another example of the homosexual/bisexual and lesbian community doing anything, and going to any lengths, to try to further their twisted ungodly agenda.  Also, See –Are they really born that way?