You don’t get a pass because you’re an NBA Star especially when it comes to children. Wrong is wrong. And raising a “boy” to be a girl primarily because the “boy” thinks he’s a girl is just disturbing, sad, and wrong on all levels. You’re not helping the child by assisting them in promoting a lie. By helping the “boy” promote a fallacy that will ultimately prove to be very destructive and costly, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


I’m convinced the adults are going along with it because promoting this very destructive and corrupting agenda, unfortunately, in many respects, brings with it more fame, wealth, and notoriety. I’m convinced they’re selling the soul of their child and just selling out in general.


And I see it as a complete cop-out to suggest that a child who’s brain and body hasn’t even fully developed yet and who hasn’t lived life long enough to develop the necessary life skills, wisdom, and knowledge, that living life brings, qualifies as a teacher to most adults who have. The suggestion is ridiculous and insane. The child is obviously being brainwashed by homosexual/pedophile/transgender propaganda that’s being pushed hard on the children by the liberal media and in schools.


And the adults who stand to prosper in other ways and benefit financially because of it are all too willing to go along with the charade. They understand if they actually come out against it they will lose employment and opportunities. And it’s sad that this is what it has come to in this nation. That standing for the truth may cost you in so many ways.


The acceptance of these forms of ungodly perversions should have never been allowed to get this far. And if it’s not turned around there is a supreme authority closely monitoring the situation who is poised to clean it up for you if you don’t exercise the courage, character, and conviction, to do it yourselves. He’s poised to clean it up in a way that you are not prepared for.


This, in my opinion, is just another way the homosexual/pedophile community is working to further advance their ungodly agenda by now using celebrities with a lot of influence to sell out hook line and sinker. By sacrificing their children to the homosexual/pedophile/transgender agenda while reaping the benefits.


And in hopes of convincing the American public and the world that this corrupting, destructive, behavior is beneficial. And that it’s beneficial for parents to support children who are being brainwashed by homosexual/pedophile/transgender propaganda in schools and in the media, and in so doing help further the destructive, corrupting, homosexual/pedophile agenda.


I recently read an article that suggested the father is encouraging the behavior because he’s actually an undercover homosexual who may be vicariously living his life through his transgendered son. So that may play a major role in why he’s encouraging the behavior. And if so its sick, evil, and pathetic. With this present twisted, warped, sexually perverse climate you just never know.


The “boy” is not a girl and he never will be. And working to help convince a clueless, delusional, confused, child that they are, will ultimately prove to be very costly, damaging, and destructive for both the child and the parents alike.  

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