By Donald Bohanon

 Published on: Aug 17, 2016


The video above shows what appears to be a massive buildup of military armaments in a number of different states. But why? The shootings of unarmed black men by police officers,as well as the agitation,instigation and promotion of social and civil unrest, by various groups, some pro white, and others who claim to be in support of  black causes and the black struggle,like the black lives matter movement for instance could be part of a carefully calculated and orchestrated scheme to promote chaos as a means to justify the implementation of martial law.


Could all this merely be a carefully orchestrated plan to stir up racial animosity and hatred, violence and chaos, in a deceptive effort to  justify the implementation of martial law? And if not why the need for what appears to be a steady and massive military buildup in different states? The implementation of martial law could very well be the end game.


This after all would fall right in line with President Obama’s goal to destroy freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, etc. Destruction of the right to bear arms would be the logical argument as a solution to combat the mass killings throughout the country, and insure there’s a very limited chance of uprising against tyranny.


Don’t dismiss the real possibility that this Presidents passing of perverse laws and bills that he knows will greatly anger God and provoke him to  plague the nation with destructive weather events, etc, is a part of his plan of creating chaos to justify martial law as well.


Because when these things begin to happen in their fullness, he knows this can and  will result in societal collapse, chaos and anarchy as well. Which will also justify the implementation of martial law.  He may very well be working to intentionally provoke God to anger to accomplish his own twisted goals. And only a very evil mind that’s powerfully controlled and influenced by Satan would engage in such foolish and dangerous behavior.


Not to mention civil unrest, unrestrained gun violence,staggering unemployment in urban neighborhoods and communities,cop killings,mass illegal immigration and the influx of Syrian refugees,terrorist attacks,etc, and how all these things can and will undermine the stability of the country,and would all appear to be the perfect argument for the implementation of martial law. Is President Obama some how behind the chaos that’s unfolding throughout the nation? I’m convinced he is to some degree. And passing laws that greatly anger God would obviously, as outlined previously, work in many respects to accomplish his objectives .


I have been writing for some time now, that this Presidents goal has been to destroy basic American freedoms to further his agenda.And what appears to be a massive military buildup in different states, may give credence to that belief. Don’t be shocked if martial law is eventually implemented sooner than later if law and order begins to break down.


Keep your eyes open and be wary of groups and individuals that are quick to promote violence,chaos, and civil unrest as the only viable options and solutions.Promoting violence but are no where near the front lines or in the action when violence breaks out. I wouldn’t respect or give and ear to anyone who engages in that kind of divisive rhetoric or behavior.And this way of thinking plays rights into the hands of a despot and individual who seeks to impose his will and agenda on an unsuspecting nation and people.


It’s my belief that Obama is not a staunch ally of the black community, and his actions, or lack of action, as it relates to helping improve the economic outlook of the black community supports in my opinion that notion.In my opinion President Obama has his own personal, diabolical agenda, that he has allegiance to.


And his full on support of the homosexual community, in every way, suggest that he is a staunch ally of the homosexual community,and  the homosexual community and agenda is at least one of  his main priorities.But  I am convinced that he believes there is much more that needs to be done as it relates to this, nationally and internationally. And silencing all opposition in the form of destroying basic American freedoms would go a long way in helping him accomplish  deeper, underlying objectives..


And certainly implementing martial law would go a long way in accomplishing it. After the implementation of martial law, he will have accomplished all the freedom destroying measures, he has tried to implement previously, but failed.


Like for instance giving the NSA the ability to spy on American citizens without their knowledge. Pushing the man made climate change fraud, which would give powerful federal bureaucracies like the EPA far reaching powers to control virtually every aspect of American lives..


Giving the IRS the power and ability to deny tax exempt status to conservative groups, one of  the primary groups that speak out against much of the madness this President seeks to promote and legalize,such as sexual perversions,etc.


All freedom destroying measures that he has tried to implement in the past, but failed. But if he can somehow create an environment and atmosphere that appears to warrant the implementation of martial law, he will have accomplished all his previous failed objectives for the destruction of basic American freedoms, in one fell swoop.


Some of the information in the video seems a bit far fetched and hasn’t come to fruition as outlined, but that doesn’t mean it wont. But most of the content seems pretty rational and logical.I would encourage citizens to pay close attention, and do not adopt a cavalier attitude that could prove disastrous and deadly.


I would encourage citizens to distance themselves from radicals who promote violence as the only solution. Because this only  creates chaos, and civil unrest, which plays right into the plans and hands of a despot, who’s primary objective may be to implement martial law for more diabolical reasons.


And although I don’t have any affiliation or association with any of the individuals or groups in the video,some who are really far out there with their claims. Nor do I agree with all the views,theories and opinions outlined in the video.But I wouldn’t totally rule out all opinions and theories either.


Especially considering how the implementation of martial law would help quickly bring about what this President has tried to deceptively and covertly do in the past,but failed.And that is control of the American people and the destruction of basic American freedoms, and silencing all differing opinions and opponents of his covert and diabolical agenda.


But why?In preparation of an intentionally orchestrated economic collapse and ensuing chaos possibly? But you can rest assured pride, lust,greed, hate and murder, etc, have gotten us to this point and will continue to be the undermining factors.And all will ultimately result in societal collapse and destruction of freedoms and a possible third World War if we don’t work aggressively to change things and uproot the sources and individuals who are the key players in all of it.All who are powerfully led and controlled by Satan, evidenced by their actions,decisions and behavior.



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