Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate who has been making a lot of waves  and rising in the polls lately. Primarily because of the message he promotes. He’s saying what a lot of people want to hear.


Which is the wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer and something needs to be done about it. Many poor and disenfranchised can relate to and identify with this message.


Because it’s the truth and is something that’s a major problem in this country and certainly needs to be addressed. The other popular theme with the poor and disenfranchised that he expounds on is the institutionalized racism that’s entrenched in many areas of American society and has been apart of American culture for centuries.


Because of his focus on these issues he has been garnering much support. But there is another very important topic and issue that is impacting this nation and that is going to ultimately result in the collapse and destruction of the nation. And that topic is the promotion of sexual perversions like homosexuality and lesbianism.


These are issues that he appears to support based on his own words and support of the progressive/regressive movement and agenda which is just another way of saying “pro homosexual movement and agenda”. I think it’s important to look at the whole picture and everything a candidate stands for before jumping on the bandwagon. The issues  Mr. Sanders supports and focuses on are hot button issues that appeal to a vast majority of the American public.


I have been writing and emphasizing for sometime about how the establishment of a fascist and or socialist state is the objective of the homosexual movement and those that support it.In a socialist state men in the highest positions of power determine the rules, wield all the power, and not the people.


The establishment of that socialist state will insure that the progressive/homosexual agenda moves forward rapidly which wont bode well at all for this nation. Bernie Sanders support of the debunked, false, man made climate change theory, can also prove to be a major problem. Because it will yield immense power and control to the corrupt bureaucracy, the EPA.


And as I have said previously the objective of the pro homosexual progressive movement  is to use the massive funding  they will garner from the promotion of that false theory to line their pockets and to promote more perverse, anti God behaviors and lifestyles through the political and legal process.


Using that money to buy the support of corrupt politicians etc . And by giving immense power and control to bureaucracies like the EPA which will use that power and control to bully corporations, organizations, citizens,and eventually the world community to bend to the will of the progressive/homosexual movement and agenda to assist in furthering the destructive, progressive agenda. It’s much more to this than many people realize.


Bernie Sanders is a progressive/regressive socialist and a supporter of  homosexual marriage and the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle and his enticing words may prove to be a major detriment for most if he is elected president because of the direction he will take this nation. And if you think he can’t win you’re blind and ignorant, he has more of a chance of winning the democratic election than Hillary Clinton because of his message.


You better not sleep on him and you better take him serious.Simply put the progressive/homosexual agenda it appears is now operating under the guise of  societal, governmental, socialist reform. Using the cry against racial and economic injustices to secure power and further their immoral agenda that will ultimately prove destructive and disastrous for the nation as a whole.


The ironic thing about it is the socialist movement appears willing and ready to focus on the issues relating to racial and economic injustice but at a cost. Without addressing the destructive and negatively impacting  moral issue of same sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism.  


While the conservative movement appears ready to address the moral issues but not the issues regarding racial and economic injustice. Both issues need to be addressed and corrected with the promotion of sexual perversion being first and foremost in terms of priority or the nation will certainly be destroyed.


And all the funding of man made climate change research and development  wont help. It wont impede or deter God’s punishment and wrath on this nation. Major droughts and wildfires being a result and just one example of that wrath. Something that was prophesied to happen in the pages of the bible centuries before a meteorologist or government funded climate scientist ever existed.


Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda may sound good and enticing on the surface. But it wont prove good for the nation when a primary goal and agenda of the  party  is the legalization, promotion and acceptance, of sexually perverse lifestyles.. Bernie Sanders and his agenda  appear to encompass all the qualities of the biblical proverb of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.


Appearing good and appealing to the eyes and ears on the surface.But underneath focused on promoting a dubious, diabolical, immoral agenda that will ultimately prove disastrous for America. As has been proven throughout history the promotion of sexual immorality has always resulted in the fall and demise of great empires.


Sexual immorality has undermined every good, ethical and moral quality, of every nation and great empire throughout history,that have embraced it. Because the focus of everyone who is enslaved and shackled by it has and will always be actions, decisions and rulings, governed and motivated by lust and perverted sexual desire. As opposed to actions, decisions and rulings governed,motivated and based on morality and ethics.  


And America wont be an exception. God has put into place moral laws to govern the behavior of men because he understands when those laws are disregarded,men and women are then left to their own carnal devices and are ultimately enslaved,governed and motivated, by lust and immorality.


At which point all sense of what is right,just and moral, fall apart and go out the window. And governance is then motivated by lust and selfish desires. Governance motivated by lust and what the person or persons who govern deem as right and just in their own eyes,in association with their own respective lusts and perverted sexual desires. No matter how vile,filthy and destructive those lust and desires are. As opposed to what’s really right, just, moral and good, as God defines it and not men.


This has proven disastrous for great empires and nations throughout history and  unfortunately America  appears poised to repeat history and venture down that same destructive path. Bernie Sanders and his progressive, socialist/fascist agenda, amount to nothing but the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.  


Which appears good and just on the outside but on the inside is full of all forms of iniquity and evil. If you really want to know who a candidate man or woman really is, always focus on the moral issues they support and have supported consistently overtime.As that moral stance correlates with or does not correlate with how God views specific lifestyles and behaviors.


That’s a good gauge to determine what kind of person you are dealing with. No individual can claim to be moral while embracing and supporting immorality at the same time. You can’t serve two masters. And where you will find rebellion against basic morality (not to mention support of the more serious forms of immorality like sexual perversions) you will find every other evil, either openly, or hidden and in embryo.


Bernie Sanders has all the makings of a false prophet/messiah/deliverer who rejects bible authority, and tells you what you want to hear. But inwardly his desires and goals may be much more diabolical and contrary to God than most realize. And his support of same sex marriage is  an obvious example of that.


And may be a sign of  other anti God goals and agendas that may be lurking underneath. His  willingness to deal with race and economic issues will count for nothing if his unwillingness to address and deal with  the more offensive subject to God of sexual perversion is not addressed. And it will ultimately result in the assured fall and destruction of America as we know it.  



Matthew 7:15

King James Version (KJV)

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.



By Donald Bohanon



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