Epic Texas Flooding, A Blessing And A Curse?



Faced with years of epic drought Texans were wondering if they were ever going to get a drop of rain again. And then the rain came and it fell, and fell, and fell, and fell, and it’s still falling. Texas admirably has taken a stand against homosexual marriage and has promised to fight it if it is ever legalized by the supreme court, something that is well pleasing in the eyes of God. But those laws opposing homosexual and lesbian marriage are not firmly in place yet. And regardless of efforts to outlaw the perversion in the state.  The practice of homosexuality and lesbianism is rampant in the state. It’s evident and prevalent in the work place and just about every other facet of Texas society.


It’s deeply entrenched in the fabric of  many cities in the state and is practiced proudly and openly in many respects. And that’s a major problem and very offensive to God. Texas and many other southern states that are being slammed by these floods are also hotbeds of racism and racial hatred. Racism and discrimination against blacks and other minorities is pretty rampant and profound in the rural areas of  many of these southern states. And that’s another serious problem and major offense to God. Almost just as offensive as sexual perversion.


Because it promotes hatred and violence, results in death, sorrow and suffering, and undermines  national stability.I’m convinced that Texas and many of the other southern states are being blessed with much needed rain because of their willingness to stand in defiance of these ungodly perversions. So to show his pleasure God has blessed Texas and other southern states with enough rain to obliterate their drought,that’s the good thing.  But I’m convinced they are also being punished for not addressing and dealing with the perversion on all levels. And because of their unwillingness to face the reality of their racial problems and the racist atmosphere that exists in many areas of the state. Racism and racial hatred that’s secretly festering, flourishing, and becoming an even bigger  problem.


That racist element exist within the ranks of law enforcement as well. These are all issues that need to be expeditiously rectified and if not you can expect destructive weather events of this magnitude to continue and to not only affect Texas and the southern states, but eventually every part of the nation. God is running out of patience and is simply angered by what he sees and he wants real action taken quickly to correct the issues as opposed to the passing of ceremonial laws and bills that only act as symbolic band aids to treat severed limbs,so to speak.


Texas is receiving much needed rain and that’s a blessing. But God will make even blessings turn into curses if his will is not regarded and the things that he finds offensive are not acted upon and corrected. I’m convinced  the eradication of the Texas drought, and the continued epic destructive flooding are examples of both God’s mercy and wrath at play. Mercy because of the states willingness to address a moral issue that’s extremely offensive to God.


And wrath because of it’s and other southern states  procrastination and unwillingness to address  immoral racial issues that are equally as offensive to God as sexual perversion. Offensive, hypocritical behavior, men and women who claim to follow God and Christ and condemn homosexuality, but at the same time promote and justify  racial hatred.  Behavior that is extremely sickening, repulsive and offensive to almighty  God. I would also disregard the misleading statements by the liberal pro homosexual meteorologist  in the video above who claims this magnitude of  flooding is not unprecedented, and that these types of extremes are common to Texas. Other more honest, unbiased meteorologist and scientist, I’m sure would strongly disagree with that statement. What you see with the epic destructive flooding, is an example of  God’s mercy and wrath on display, plain an simple.




By Donald Bohanon



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