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Abominable Evil In Plain Sight: Movie, Music, And The Corrupt Mass Media All Apart Of The Promotion Of Evil And Sexual Perversions Of All Forms And The Mass Mind Control, Perverting, And Corrupting, Of Citizens?





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A Distorted View Of Love (The Real Face Of HIV Aids): Calling Evil Good And Good Evil.


Q&A:I’m From New Jersey And I Visit Your Site From Time To Time But I Have Been Blocked From Accessing The Site Why Am I Not Able To Access Your Site?


What Really Happens To Children At LGBT “Youth Pride” Events.


Homo Christianity:A New Age,End Time,Satanic Doctrine And Deception.


Unprecedented Mass Homosexual/Pedophile Worldwide Indoctrination Of Children Underway Unbeknownst To The General Public.


Male Masculinity Now Being Promoted As Toxic And Dangerous?


A Message To Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg.


Widespread Massive Homosexual Molestation Of Underage Boys In The Boy Scouts Of America:Boy Scouts ‘Perversion Files’ List 7,800 Suspected Pedophiles


Homosexual Child Molestation Has Always Been Rampant And Pervasive In Society But Only Overlooked And Hidden By The Liberal Mainstream Media.


A Spike In Measles Cases Across The Country.


The Homosexual Deviant Plan For The Widespread Sexual Brainwashing And Indoctrination Of Children In Schools Ramps Up:California Votes To Overhaul Sex Ed Guidelines For Public Schools To Include LGBT Issues.


Story Time Drag Queen Who Teaches Kids Exposed As A Convicted Child Molester.


Are You Aware There Are Some In The Homosexual And Lesbian Community  Falsely  Accusing You Of Being A Pedophile?


A Homosexual Doctor For Two Decades Sexually Abused 177 Male College Students While Others Turned A Blind Eye To His Actions.


In Light Of The Current Spate Of Violent Attacks Against The Homosexual,Lesbian And Transgender Community Do You Think You Could Be Partially Responsible For At Least Some Of It Because Of The Information You Put Out?


Sexual Perversion And The Spiritual And Mental Derangement It Produces: A Man Hating Lesbian Mother And Her Lesbian Partner Cut Off Sons Genitals Dismember Him And Stuff His Body Parts Into Bags.


Insane Liberal Hypocrisy:The Attack On Long Standing Normal Male And Female Interaction And Behavior And Traditional Practices Disguised As A Way To Further A More Diabolical Agenda?


One Black Mans View Of Donald Trump. (Warning! Some Language May Be Offensive.)

TTPAS doesn’t support the gentleman’s view in the video above about the transgender community. We don’t support the transgender lifestyle.


We have simply provided this video broadcasting this black man’s view of the Donald Trump Presidency and as a source of truth.

Is The Far Left Liberal Media Using The Corona Virus Crisis To Spread Fear, Demonize, And Berate, The President In Hopes Of Garnering Support For The Democratic/Liberal Party To Ensure Victory In The Upcoming Presidential Election?

Why Are The Democrats Not Addressing Joe Biden’s Sex Abuse Allegations?

An Obama Era Holdover Presidential Impeachment Crew?

The Cabal Of Corruption?:The Corrupt Democrat/Liberal/Progressives And Their Perpetual Documented Illegal Efforts At Working To Overturn The Election.

Perpetrators Of An Attempted Coup?:Are The Walls Finally Closing In On Deep State Operatives.

Are They Seeking To Crucify Julian Assange Because He Exposed The Evil And Corrupt Deep State?

The AG Says Spying Did Actually Occur.

Special Investigator Mueller Determines No Trump Russian Collusion Found.

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