Let me start of by first emphasizing I have no political affiliations whatsoever and this article is not to suggest that I’m in support of a particular candidate, but only an honest assessment of the champion of the Democratic/Liberal party and her Presidential aspirations.But am I a bit biased against Hillary Clinton? Probably. But only because I try to keep focused on the facts relating to her,the facts that should be used to define and judge her,as opposed to the Clinton persona.


With that being said Hillary Clinton wife of former President Bill Clinton is now running for President of the United States. I find the fact that she is running for President amazing in and of itself and quite disturbing based on all the controversy surrounding her. Hillary Clinton was actually conducting official government business on a private  server.  


There have also been questions about many deleted emails that were classified as private government property. Many of her actions relating to those emails would have gotten lower ranking government officials serious jail time. But Hillary Clinton hasn’t been questioned by law enforcement,  much less charged.


I think this is a classic example of how glaring the double standard between the consequences for law breaking as it relates to  government officials, and law breaking for the common citizen.Most American citizens caught engaging in such behavior would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Even many lower ranking government officials.  But many blind American’s it seems can’t see past the Clinton persona and focus on her questionable practices. So they simply disregard Hillary Clinton’s actions and blindly throw their support behind her.


Her inability to be trusted and her sense of entitlement to many Americans is glaring. But yet many clueless Americans blindly support and follow her like the pied piper. The biased liberal media shares much of the responsibility for the flawed one sided perception many Americans have of her.

Because they it appears turn a blind eye to these issues as it relates  to members of the Democratic/Liberal party, but are much more scrutinizing when it comes to conservative politicians.


I personally believe Hillary Clinton has proven she can’t be trusted and is unfit to lead this nation based on her actions and her support of destructive, critical, nation impacting issues.


Not only do her questionable actions I believe prove she is untrustworthy, but her lack of moral conscience in such critical times in terms of her support of perverse sexual behaviors, and alternative lifestyles, that greatly anger God put this nation in more of a conundrum and danger.


The writing is on the wall as it relates to how bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes in terms of how God’s punishment on this nation because of it’s abominable sexual sins, and other very offensive sins and behaviors,  is ramping up as it relates to world events. Hillary Clinton in my opinion is not good at all for this nation and wont be good for the nation.


She is not qualified or fit morally, ethically or consciously, to occupy the most powerful office in this nation. Her stance on many moral and nationally impacting issues will insure the collapse and fall of the nation and only expedite it’s destruction, as opposed to insuring it’s growth and survival. What most Democratic/Liberal politicians and citizens fail to realize is that many of the nations problems are resulting from the immoral direction it’s taking.  


The change in moral direction as it relates to support of  perverse lifestyles and behaviors,etc, that greatly anger God. A focus on racial issues that still exist and are prevalent. And a focus on economic and social issues I’m convinced will insure America is once again elevated and respected in the eyes of the world community.


The proclamation of liberty and justice for all American citizens must truly be acted upon and not just empty words that are not supportive of the reality many American’s now live in. And I’m convinced most  Democratic/Liberal politicians are not the answer.


Because morality is the foundation that everything else stands on. Whether it be proper sexual behavior which when exercised improperly corrupts and perverts the spirit, thereby corrupting and perverting the moral and mental state of the practitioner. Which leads to and results in abominable evil and rebellion against God and and his word which is clearly outlined in Romans 1:26-32 .


Something which amounts to physical, spiritual and  national suicide. Abominable,perverse,  ungodly behavior, that’s been manifesting itself repeatedly in news headlines across the nation.  Or honest ethical behavior as it relates to economic issues or compassion on social issues, etc. Bible based morality is the foundation on which it all stands and functions properly and effectively.


Because for it to work you must have honesty as it relates to economic issues, honesty when it comes to handling enormous amounts of money. You must have a moral sexual standard that’s adhered to and followed  by most American citizens when you understand how important that is to social and societal stability,growth and harmony with God, and appeasement of God.


You must have compassion and fairness as it relates to social issues,etc. I haven’t seen one Democratic/Liberal politician who understands how important bible based morality is as it relates to the effective functioning of and survival of this nation, or any  nation for that matter.


Which makes them completely unfit and unqualified to occupy such a powerful office in such critical times. Hillary’s obvious, unethical behavior,greed and insatiable lust for money and power, proves she can’t be trusted and can be bought by the highest bidder, and may have already been bought by the highest bidder.


No matter how corrupt, perverse and sinister, the highest bidders intentions and agenda. And sadly and unfortunately that applies to most corrupt politicians many who are for sale to the highest bidder. And who will be puppets in the oval office.


Based on my knowledge of scripture and knowledge of God’s character, the immoral direction Hillary Clinton and the rest of her Democratic/Liberal cohorts are sure to lead this nation, will not insure it’s survival. But will most certainly expedite it’s fall and destruction.And in that context Hillary Clinton wont be a benefit or champion for the white community,the black community,the latino community or any community for that matter, but in reality she will be a major and very costly liability.


And I’m sure many share similar strong views about Donald Trump, but in circumstances like this you have to decide who is the lesser evil, if that’s how you want to look at it, and in my opinion I think Hillary Clinton would be the greater evil in terms of where her careless,irresponsible actions and policies will lead the nation.And I personally don’t think Donald Trump has done anything that we know of,that can remotely be compared to Hillary Clinton’s egregious and illegal actions.The writing is already on the wall. Are you too blind to see it?



By Donald Bohanon



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