I posted this song to make a couple of points. First let me start off by saying I was once a fan of certain genre’s of rap years ago. Some of which contained destructive and misleading content. But regardless of the content it was always the beat,bars and hooks that really made the song. I soon came to realize it was not the kind of music I could continue to listen to with all the offensive content and while at the same time serve God. And also that the same amount of success in terms of interest could be achieved promoting rap without the negative and destructive lyrics.Or upbeat rap with the right hooks,bars and beats, without all the negative and harmful lyrics.


That’s why I posted this song “humble” performed by renowned and talented rapper Kendrick Lamar.What they’ve done here is removed all or most of the offensive lyrics,but in my opinion it hasn’t taken away from the creativeness and  upbeat sound of the song.In my opinion it still has what this generation would consider hit record written all over it.


This is the point I have been making, these rappers can essentially have their cake and eat it too.Without taking away from the edginess or auditory impact of the song.Replace the negative lyrics with positive,coupled with the beats, hooks and bars, and auditory impact and watch what happens.I’m convinced you will reap the financial rewards and can transform communities and society for the better.


Minus all the undermining,misleading and destructive lyrics. Not to mention probably the most important point,which is not offending God with the promotion and distribution of destructive content, thereby sparing themselves and others from the wrath and punishment of God in the judgment and in God’s punishment on the nation,as result of what God would consider very destructive and offensive content,resulting in similar behavior.


Contrary to what many false unlearned ministers (who regularly misinterpret the word of God) teach God does not have an issue with music as long as that music doesn’t contain violent,vulgar,sexually explicit,destructive and offensive material,which promotes rebellion against God and his word.


The Christians taste probably should be a little more distinctive and discerning,but God does not have an issue with music in general, as long as it’s not violent,vulgar,sexually explicit,offensive,and promotes rebellion against God and his word.Jazz,soft jazz,classical,smooth r&b,etc are just some examples.Insuring your actions and behavior are consistent with what God views as acceptable moral behavior,behavior that correlates with what God and his word define as acceptable is what’s most important to God.


Listen to the cleaner version of the song above.Could anyone argue that it still has hit record written all over it?Although in my opinion a bit more sanitizing would have been in order.The point I’m making is focus on positive,constructive lyrics,with beats,hooks and bars and watch what you come up with.


I still think many would agree,this cleaner version still has hit record written all over it.Many of these rappers are talented and sell themselves short.I’m convinced they could produce hit records without all of the violent,offensive,sexually explicit,destructive and corrupting content.


I think many of them could accomplish the same hit making goals without all the destructive,race, society and community undermining content.Kendrick Lamar is just one in a long line of very talented rappers who in many respects wield a level of influence that could transform their communities based on the content they put out. As opposed to destroying those same communities,based on the content they put out.Take a  listen to the cleaner version of the song above……what do you think?