Now it just needs to become policy and law.But there is still much more work that needs to be done in God’s eyes as it relates to moral issues.In  terms of outlawing all abominable sexual perversions that are very offensive to God. Although I personally don’t  have a problem with your tweets.In all honesty tweeting a  stance on this specific issue does not impress God.


It’s ironic and sad you appear not to be able to see that the group (homosexual deviants and sexual deviants in high places in both parties)which is the major source of all your problems,as they work behind the scenes creating all your problems.Is the same group that you appear to be procrastinating about dealing with in a swift and decisive fashion.


God wants  swift, decisive, action taken in regards to enacting policy and outlawing all abominable, offensive, sexual perversions to the benefit and survival of the nation.And if not you can expect destructive weather events to being to ramp up again in addition to a gradual diminishing of the nation until it’s eventually destroyed by war,famine and pestilence.


I’m trying to help you not hurt you. I want you to be successful as long as God’s will in relation to the more abominable sins is heeded. This is not rocket science but you will need to exercise a level faith moving forward.Just heed the instruction outlined in terms outlawing offensive, sexual perversions, and dealing with mass murder in the urban neighborhoods and communities, as well addressing the widespread practice of witchcraft done in the shadows.


While also eventually focusing on a few other important issues that can be addressed later and you will see more success.But the more pressing offensive issues outlined need to be addressed first.But if you disregard God’s instruction you will be cursed and hindered by God.That applies to any President who comes after you as well.You haven’t been given the office of the President as a trophy,but to do God’s will as it relates to abominable sins and those thing that greatly anger him.




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